Nebraska history covers past events from a period leading to the creation of the state to about a generation ago or 20 years. Before Nebraska was a state, the land was a part of the Louisiana Purchase from French government in 1803. Lewis and Clark began their famous fact gathering trip soon after the purchase and Nebraska was one of the states that was studied for the wildlife, plants, geology and Indian tribes. Then, in 1854, with the Nebraska-Kansas act, allowed for a creation of Nebraska and Kansas states later on. The Homestead Act in 1862 gave free land to farmers, who would promise to stay and farm the land for a number of years. This increase the population going west and some stayed in Nebraska. Nebraska was on the route of the famous Oregon Trail, where people in covered wagons would try for better fortunes out west. The early houses were sod houses, since trees were scarce. In 1867, after the Civil War, Nebraska became officially the 37th state in the union. Omaha was the first capital, but was later moved to Lincoln. There was quite a lot of competition for state capital status. The area proved to be good for farming despite a map notation by surveyor, Stephen Long, calling the Great Plains region "The Great American Desert". This state owes it's gratitude to the brave and hearty souls that came west from more comfortable surroundings in eastern United States. They suffered from diseases, hunger, drought, miserable winters, and confrontations with the native peoples. Note: Reading books and online texts from Nebraska authors, who focused on the pioneer period, such as Willa Cather and Mari Sandoz can offer entertaining and informative insights into the early days of Nebraska.

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Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska
Kansas Collection Books: Written by William Cutler and published by Andreas in 1882, this book provides a history of Nebraska. Full text transcription of the original publication.
John G. Neihardt State Historical Site
Features the works and life of Nebraska's Poet Laureate, John G. Neihardt. Includes hours and contact details. Located in Bancroft.
Nebraska Historical Registered Sites
Portal to museums, archeological excavations, early houses and other attractions. Navigate by map or county links.
Nebraska State Historical Society
A collection of historical records, publications and records pertaining to Nebraska.
Resource for teachers, students and adults interested in the state's history, geography, culture and people. Features lesson plans, video, and primary source historical documents.
Pennsylvania Colony of Nebraska Historical Society
An organization dedicated to preserving the heritage of Pennsylvanians who migrated to the state in 1874. Includes history, pictures, current articles and facts.
To Nebraska in 1857
Presents the complete text of the 1857 travel diary of Erastus F. Beadle (1821-1894), a man who arrived in Omaha during the early territorial days.
Trans-Mississippi Exposition
Articles and photographs documenting the World's Fair held in Omaha in 1898 during and immediately after the Spanish-American War.
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