Information on associations, collectives, or groups of people who educate, promote and disseminate information on the subject of science and/or environment in Maine.

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Biodiversity Research Institute: Loons
Small, nonprofit group dedicated to progressive environmental research and education. Specialty is avian (bird) studies, and aquatic toxicology with a focus on the loon.
Environmental Protection Agency Region 1: Superfund Site Index
Places targeted in Maine for government sponsored toxic waste cleanup.
Forest Ecology Network
Mission is to protect, preserve, and defend the native forest environment of Maine through public awareness, grassroots citizen activism, and education.
Friends of Hog Island
Non-profit dedicated to the preservation of the Audubon Camp and the support and enhancement of its educational goals.
Gulf of Maine Council
Promotes stewardship activities in the Gulf of Maine and its watershed, to enhance environmental quality and secure resource use for all generations.
Humboldt Field Research Institute
Institute for the study of natural history in Maine.
Maine Coast Heritage Trust
Conserving Maine shorelands and islands by working with communities and individuals along the coast. Links to Maine Land Trust. Newsletter and membership information.
Maine Entomological Society
Established by a group of insect and arachnid enthusiasts in 1997.
Maine Environmental Policy Institute
Dedicated to researching environmental challenges facing the state and reporting the research to policy makers and the public.
Maine Water Environment Association
Promotes environmental management practices to protect and improve the waters and related environments. Includes membership, position, calendar, and directory.
Marine Environmental Research Institute
Dedicated to researching pollution of the ocean, unsustainable coastal development, species and habitat degradation, and environmental emergencies (toxic spills, releases) affecting marine life.
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