This is an Indiana State level sub-category. Sites submitted to this category should have a statewide presence. In order to have a statewide presence a site should have locations in 2 or more Regions. Sites with locations only in a specific County, Locality, or Region should be submitted to that appropriate area. In certain circumstances 'Come To You' business sites can be listed, but only if the sites offer content that reflects high relevance to 2 or more Regions.

Only submit sites belonging to, or directly related to the government of the State of Indiana. Do not submit local or county sites. These should be submitted to the relevant locality or county. Do not submit personal sites reflecting views about the government or legislation. These go in Society and Culture: Personal Homepages, regardless of how true and factual the views expressed might be.

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State of Indiana
Government, lifestyle, demographics, elected officials, education, social security, and other information from the State of Indiana.
Constitution of the State of Indiana
Indiana University school of law record of the state Constitution. Find an Agency
Index of the various state government agencies in Indiana.
Indiana Auditor
Departments, forms, publications, information and contacts.
Indiana New Hire Reporting Center
On-line employer support for compliance with state and federal new hire reporting regulations. Includes on-line filing, frequently asked questions, instructions, compliance requirements and contact information.
Personalized dashboard that empowers the user to create a unique content experience, from the official government website.
State of Indiana - Amber Plan
A cooperative public service website dedicated to the safe recovery of abducted children. Contains information about the Amber Plan, sponsors and partners, tips for parents, faqs, links and contact information.
State Personnel Department
Explore career opportunities with the government of the State of Indiana
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