The City of Chicago has 77 officially defined community areas. The Social Science Research Committee at the University of Chicago defined 75 areas during the late 1920s, which at that time corresponded roughly to neighborhoods within the city. In the 1950s, the city annex O'Hare Airport and the 76th area was added. The creation of the 77th community area occurred in 1980 when the area know as Edgewater was separated from Uptown.

Today many of the areas no longer correspond to any single neighborhood, and some area names have fallen out of colloquial use. The ever-changing nature of a city means that a few of the designations given in the 1920s may not still be in common use. Many are known more by a traditional or informal neighborhood name, such as Wrigleyville (*Lake View), Chinatown (*Armour Square), or Ukrainian Village (*West Town).

Residents and realtors tend to assign new names as neighborhoods evolve. Some estimate there are more than 200 such named neighborhoods in the city today.

(*Denotes an official community name.)

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