State offices and organizations charged with enforcing the law or providing important state services.

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Bureau of Homeland Security
Its mission is to promote disaster prevention and recovery services. Includes emergency contact information and prevention tips.
Department of Environmental Quality
Mission is to protect human health and the quality of air, land, and water. Includes requests for public comments, event calendar, and information about waste management programs and permits.
Health and Welfare
Vital statistics report, health information, and information about children's services. Available in Spanish.
Idaho Department of Administration
Mission is to deliver cost-effective, quality, dynamic support services to all state agencies.
Idaho Department of Agriculture
Provides technical, financial, scientific, and marketing laboratory support for Idaho agriculture. Responsible for agricultural inspection and licensing.
Idaho Department of Commerce
Promotes tourism, encourages business, and supports trade and commerce in Idaho.
Idaho Department of Corrections
Our mission is protection of the public in a cost-effective manner while maintaining professional standards and promoting successful offender re-entry into the community.
Idaho Department of Education
Oversees public education in Idah
Idaho Department of Finance
Regulates the banking and financial industry in Idaho.
Idaho Department of Insurance
The mission of the Department of Insurance is to equitably, effectively and efficiently administer the Idaho Insurance Code and the Uniform Fire Code.
Idaho Department of Labor
Assists Idaho residents in finding jobs, and oversees workfare, migrant farm workers, unemployment insurance, and other labor-related items
Idaho Department of Lands
Supervises and manages public lands in Idaho.
Idaho Department of Water Resources
Established in 1895 to ensure that water and energy are conserved and available for the sustainability of Idaho's economy, ecosystems, and resulting quality of life.
Idaho Human Rights Commission
Information about job discrimination laws.
Idaho Secretary of State
Information about elections, registered businesses, trademarks, and lobbyists.
Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission
Providing support and service to Idaho Soil & Water Conservation Districts in the wise use and enhancement of soil, water, and related resources.
Idaho Soil Conservation Districts
Listing, guidelines for City and County Soil Conservation Districts in the state of Idaho.
Idaho State Fire Marshal
Department directory, information about fire inspector certification, event calendar, and annual reports.
Idaho State Parks and Recreation
Manages state parks and visitor centers. Information about facilities, passes, and volunteering.
Idaho State Police
Enforces state laws through the state police and by supporting local law enforcement agencies.
Idaho Transportation Department
ITD oversees highways, rail, and other transportation and infrastructure in Idaho.
Office of the State Controller
Information about statewide accounting, payroll, and land board.
Public Employee Retirement System
Provides disability and retirement benefits to members. Newsletters, information about benefits, workshop, and information for employers.
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