Ships are categorized by their hull classification code (based on the Naval Vessel Register,
  • Commissioned ships are separated from decommissioned ships, and the distinction is noted.
  • If a ship had more than one hull classification during its life, it should be listed in the class it had at final decommissioning. Example: USS Wright - CVL49, AVT7, CC2; is listed as a command ship (CC) and thus in Surface_Combatants/Command/USS_Wright. Links from the previous hull classes to the final class should be present.
  • If more than one hull had the same name (but a different hull classification code), each hull should be listed separately in the appropriate hull category and there should be "related category" links between the ships.
  • If two or more hulls have the same name AND the same hull classification code, all information relating to those hulls is found together in the same subdirectory. Example: USS Alabama - BB8, BB60.

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Naval Vessel Register
The official register of US Naval ships and service craft. Contains ship fact sheets, lists of homeports and hull classification symbols, status of ships, and planning yard assignments.
Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
Gives histories for virtually every U.S. naval vessel.
HyperWar: US Navy Ships, 1940-1945
Includes the specifications, history, and one or more photographs of the ships.
NAVSEA: Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and Repair
Manages new construction and modernization of surface ships and submarines. Includes organization, responsibilities and details for each location.
NavSource Online
Ship images, history, crew contacts, building, service and final fate information.
U.S. Carriers
Provides information on the history and deployments of numerous ships and includes carrier air wing lists, names and cruises.
Unofficial US Navy Site
Website offering a wide range of US Navy related information. It is mainly focused on the ships.
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