Contains web pages about an individual or group of active duty Marines and their interests.

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1 of the Few
A Gulf war story. 1st Light Armored Infantry Battalion, and the 1st Marine Division.
ajdoc's FMF Corpsman Page and Vietnam Experience
FMF Corpsman with B Co, 1st Bn, 3rd Marines.
Eric J Raymond's and Eminent Presence's Home Page
I am the OV-10 Bronco Associations official list keeper for the VMO (USMC Marine), VAL (USN Navy), and TASS (USAF Airforce) OV-10 Squadron Communities.
Golf Co., 2nd Bn., 7th Marines
Dedicated to those men who served with Golf Company in Vietnam.
Grose, Jason Capt., USMC
Personal weblog and photo gallery related to his professional military career and includes stories of interest related to boot camp, drill instructors, and recruits.
Dedicated to the Marines who fought in Americas first major offensive against the crack troops of the Imperial Japanese Army.
Gunny G's Old Salt Marines Tavern
Forum and meeting place for US Marines: active, retired, discharged, or reserves.
Gunny Mike's Salute
Salute to all who have earned the title Marine. POW/MIA issues, recruiting posters, patriotic recordings and links.
Leadership Stories - My Marine Corps Boot Camp Experience?
These Leadership Stories are about my experience as a Marine and will continue on through my entire Boot Camp experience.
The Marine Corps Drill Instructor
Dedicated to the Marine Corps Drill Instructor and all Marines who have served.
McCormick, Ronald
A tribute to Golf, and STA 2/5; Gulf War experience; 5th Marines peace time casualties; and the Young Marines of Lake County, Fruitland Park, FL.
Memorial Salute
A site in remembrance of, and honoring those who served in the military, especially Marines.
Mr. Marine/Mr. Leatherneck: Lou Diamond!
MGySgt "Lou" Diamond USMC (deceased) was one of the most famous and colorful of old-time Marines.
PFC Tom Dowlearn's Story-1945 USMC
Pfc Tom Dowlearn was transferred to a special unit in the last year of WWII where he met, among others, the famous "Chesty" Puller of the Marines, and MGySgt Lou Diamond.
Semper Fi Parents
A chronicle of our daughter's life as a Marine along with Marine Corps news, traditions, and history.
Sgt Bill Genaust USMC
The story of Marine combat photographer, Sgt Bill Genaust USMC, on Iwo Jima.
Sgt. Albright's Place
Memories of a Leatherneck dedicated to all Marines.
Short Rounds
Odds 'n Ends, Bits a'n Pieces, and things that just would not fit as well anyplace else except right here.
Small Craft Company USMC
The Unofficial site of the Marine Corps' only dedicated Riverine unit.
Stuart, Cal: Cal's Outpost
Personal viewpoints and military background of GC "Cal" Stuart. POW/MIA tribute and Marine-related links.
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