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U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Official website of the volunteer branch of the United States Coast Guard
Chief Director of the Auxiliary
Official website of the Office of the Chief Director of the Auxiliary
USCG Auxiliary 11th District, Northern Region (11NR)
Covers Northern California, Nevada, Utah
USCG Auxiliary 11th District, Southern Region (11sr)
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary District 11SR web page for the boating public and for members.
USCG Auxiliary 13th District
Covers Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana
USCG Auxiliary 14th District
Covers Hawaii, Guam, and Siapan
USCG Auxiliary 17th District
Covers the entire state of Alaska
USCG Auxiliary 1st District, Northern Region (1nr)
Covers northern New England, including Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.
USCG Auxiliary 1st District, Southern Region
Covers southern New England including eastern New York from the Canadian border to Manhattan, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Jersey.
USCG Auxiliary 5th District, Northern Region (5nr)
Covers Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware
USCG Auxiliary 5th District, Southern Region
Office of the Director of the Auxiliary for the USCG Auxiliary 5th District, Southern Region.
USCG Auxiliary 5th District, Southern Region (5sr) Air Program
USCG Auxiliary Air Program for the 5th District, Southern Region 5sr. Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina The Air Program supports the mission of the USGC via General Aviation aircraft.
USCG Auxiliary 7th District
Covers Florida, South Carolina, most of Georgia, and the territories of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
USCG Auxiliary 8th District, Eastern Region (8er)
Covers northern Alabama, and Mississippi, all of Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia as well as Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana below the 41st parallel.
USCG Auxiliary 8th District, Western Region (8WR)
Covers the entire upper Mississippi River drainage system, including the states of Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming, as well as major portions of Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin.
USCG Auxiliary 9th District, Central Region (9cr)
Covers the Great Lakes around Michigan and Indiana
USCG Auxiliary 9th District, Eastern Region (9er)
Covers the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio.
USCG Auxiliary, District 8, Coastal Regional
Covers New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and western Georgia
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