Bureau of Land Management
Administers 264 million acres of public lands, located primarily in the 12 western states, containing natural, historical, cultural, recreational, and economic resources.
Arizona BLM
Resource and land management programs on public lands, including recreation, fire, environmental education, and oil and gas. News, information, and directory.
BLM New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas
Manages 47 million acres of federal mineral estate and over 2 million acres of American Indian mineral estate. Manages and oversees soil, water and air resources, as well as cultural resources on New Mexico's public lands. News, information, and directory.
Buckhorn Boxcar Adopt-a-Cabin Saline Valley Road
Information about friends of the Buckhorn boxcar adopt a cabin. Includes location, photos, archives and cabin information. Located near Death Valley, California.
California BLM
Responsible for public lands, outdoor recreation, oil and gas leasing, prospecting, adopting wild horses, biology, and botany. News, information, directory.
Montana/Dakotas BLM
Responsible for: abandoned mines, environmental education and protection, fire, lands and realty, minerals, and recreation. News, information, and directory.
National Training Center
Training schedule and resources for BLM employees.
Responsible for: outdoor recreation, oil and gas leasing, prospecting, adopting wild horses, biology and botany. News and directory
Office of Fire and Aviation
Develops policy, conducts wildland fire research, and coordinates with fire managers from other firefighting organizations. Respond to disasters, animal census, and wild horse and burro gathers. News, information, and directory.
Oregon/Washington BLM
Manages 16 million acres of public lands in Oregon and 370,000 acres in Washington for wildlife, recreation, timber harvest, livestock grazing, mineral extraction and other public uses. News, information, and directory.
Utah BLM
Manages a range of activities to ensure long-term health and productivity of public lands in the state. Has a variety of programs to protect public health, safety, and property as well as our public land resources. News, information, and directory.
Wild Horse and Burro Program
Information on the Adopt-a-Horse-or-Burro program and how to qualify for adoption.
Wyoming BLM
Manages over 18 million acres of public land and an additional 23 million subsurface acres of mineral estate. News, information, and directory.
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