C-SPAN.org - Campaign 2014
Series collection of videos of major campaign, victory and concession speeches.
FactCheck.org - Players Guide 2014
Profiles of organizations active in raising and spending money to influence voters in 2014, selected based on amounts or media attention, including super PACs which disclose donors and Section 501(c) groups which do not.
Fox News - 2014 Midterm Elections
Provides predictions, soundbites and video clips about election campaigns.
Gallup Poll - Election 2014
Polling questions, results, reports and comparisons over the campaign cycle.
The Guardian - US Midterm Elections 2014
Collected news, analysis and commentary on the elections, candidates and campaigns.
The Huffington Post - Elections 2014
Collected commentary and opinion on the Senate, House and gubernatorial races.
MSNBC - Election 2014
Collected news and commentary, with polls and clips from featured shows.
The New York Times - 2014 Midterm Elections
Collected news, analysis and commentary along with race polls and forecasts for the 2014 midterm elections for the U.S. House and Senate.
New York Times - Election Calendar 2014
State-by-state 2014 primary details and results for the U.S. Senate, U.S. House and Governors.
PBS NewsHour - Election 2014
Complete news coverage of the election including broadcast programs, reports, debate videos, interviews, background and analysis.
Pew Research Center - 2014 Election
Research about the 2014 election related to polls, surveys, demographics and issues.
Politico - 2014 Midterm Elections
News and analysis along with candidate profiles, polls, endorsements, debates, staff and fundraising.
Rasmussen Reports - Election 2014
Polls and analysis for the 2014 elections.
RealClearPolitics - Election 2014
Provides polls, calendar, electoral college map and information on the U.S. Senate and House campaigns.
US News & World Report - 2014 Congressional Elections
News and commentary about the candidates and campaigns.
Washington Post - Election Lab
The Monkey Cage's political scientists forecast the House and Senate races in the 2014 midterm elections.
Wikipedia - United States Elections, 2014
Crowd-sourced encyclopedia article about federal legislator, state governor and legislator, and some mayor elections.
The Wrap - Midterm Madness: TheWrap’s Guide to TV News Election Coverage
From broadcast to cable to digital, how the top TV networks will cover 2014's midterm election night. (October 31, 2014)
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