Tennessee Valley Authority is the United States' largest producer of power. Also conducts regional development and manages 164 public recreation areas, including Land Between The Lakes, TVA's national recreation and environmental education area. TVA's service area covers 80,000 square miles (200,000 square kilometers) in the southeastern U.S.

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Tennessee Valley Authority
TVA home page provides access to information on electric power production, regional economic development, public recreation areas, water and shoreline management, green power, TVA finances, agency history, and other topics.
Camping and Recreation Areas
Opening and closing dates and other information about the 100 or so public recreation areas that TVA operates throughout the Tennessee Valley, including campgrounds, day-use areas, and boat launching ramps.
Craven Crowell
Former chairman (1993-2001) of the Tennessee Valley Authority provides his biography, his speeches and articles while at TVA, and information about his current activities.
Energy Right Program
TVA program to improve customers' home energy efficiency.
River System Management
About TVA's integrated programs (and challenges) in river navigation, flood control, power supply, water quality, land use, and recreation throughout the Tennessee Valley.
TVA Economic Development
Describes the programs and services of TVA Economic Development and its partnerships with other entities. Includes an overview of the regional economy of the Tennessee Valley.
TVA Green Power Switch
Describes TVA's renewable energy program.
TVA Power
Information about TVA's electric power production programs and technologies. TVA operates three nuclear plants, 11 fossil plants, 29 hydroelectric plants, four combustion turbine plants, and one pumped-storage plant.
TVA River Information
Up-to-date information on current and predicted reservoir water levels, reservoir discharges, and stream flows in the Tennessee River system.
TVA: Electricity for All
Historical accounts of the early years of TVA, one of the most ambitious projects of the New Deal. Articles cover successes in flood control, bringing electricity to the region, and introducing modern agricultural techniques, as well as setbacks and controversies.
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