U.S. EPA Office of Air and Radiation (OAR) and other closely related EPA sites.

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Office of Air and Radiation
Deals with issues that affect the quality of our air. OAR develops national programs, technical policies, and regulations for air pollution control. Areas of concern to OAR include: indoor and outdoor air quality, stationary and mobile sources of air pollution, radon, radiation protection, acid rain, stratospheric ozone depletion, and pollution prevention.
Clean Air Act Advisory Committee
Senior-level policy committee established in 1990 to advise the U.S. EPA on issues related to implementing the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.
EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality
Air pollution from motor vehicles, fuels, and nonroad equipment. Formerly Office of Mobile Sources.
EPA Radiation Protection Division Home Page
Provides detailed information to the various EPA programs associated with radiation protection activities.
Indoor Air - Secondhand Smoke
Information on secondhand smoke.
Indoor Air Quality
The Indoor Environments Division (IED) coordinates research and develops and implements policies regarding the impact of indoor air pollutants on the general public.
National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
Federal Government's principal program to control air pollution from motor vehicles. Primary responsibilities include developing programs to reduce mobile source related air pollution; evaluating emission control technology; testing vehicles, engines, and fuels; and determining compliance with Federal emissions and fuel economy standards.
Ozone Depletion, Global Programs Division
Information about the science of ozone depletion, regulations in the US designed to protect the ozone layer, and information for the general public.
State and Local Transportation Resources
Site has emission reduction strategies, national policies, regulations, incentive-based programs, funding sources, calculators, and other types of assistance to help states and local areas achieve their air quality and transportation objectives.
SunWise School Program
Helps educators raise sun safety awareness for grades K-8.
U.S. EPA Energy Star Program
Information on manufacturers and retailers for energy-efficient electronics, lighting, transformers, appliances, office equipment, and heating/cooling systems.
Vehicle Emissions Guide
Ranks vehicles according to the EPA emission standards that the vehicles have been designed to meet throughout their lifetime.
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