The White House Boys are a group of men who were abused at the Dozier School for Boys. The school, created by the Florida Legislature in 1900, was a residential commitment facility for high risk males 13 to 21 years of age. It was located in Marianna, a town in northern Florida and was closed in 2011.

The abuse often occurred in a small white building, dubbed the White House. The Department of Juvenile Justice acknowledged the abuse in October, 2008, placing a plaque on the building. It reads:

In memory of the children who passed these doors, we acknowledge
their tribulations and offer our hope that they have found some
measure of peace.

May this building stand as a reminder of the need to remain vigilant
in protecting our children as we help them to seek a brighter future.

Moreover, we offer the reassurance that we are dedicated to serving
and protecting the youth who enter this campus, and helping them
to transform their lives.

The Whitehouse
Officially Sealed
by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
October 21, 2008

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