Information on past events, places and people relative to the state of Connecticut.

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Connecticut Digital Newspaper Project
Tremendous resource of digitized publications from the 19th century forward.
Connecticut Freedom Trail
Interactive tour chronicling Connecticut's role in helping escaped slaves reach safety.
Connecticut Historic Preservation Collection
Information of holdings available for historical research on any of the state's towns.
Connecticut History
A variety of interesting articles about people, places and events from the state's past. Provided by the Connecticut Humanities Council.
Connecticut History Topics
Photos and information categorized by topic area.
Connecticut in the Spanish American War
Comprehensive historical overview provided by Jonathan Ault.
Connecticut Newspapers - 1876
List by town of newspapers that were published in the Centennial New Paper Exhibition.
Connecticut Poorhouse History
Illustrations and information on poorhouses in Norwich, Greenville and Hartford, plus local notes.
Connecticut State Archives
Contains records documenting the evolution of state public policy, the rights and claims of citizens and the history of Connecticut and its people. Downloadable PDF files available.
Connecticut's Historic Highway Bridges
Survey of bridges in the state of historic note, including covered bridges, stone arches and iron trusses from the Victorian period. Also provides preservation case studies and list of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places.
Constitutional History of Connecticut
Reprint of article by Roger Welles originally published in the February 1899 edition of Connecticut Magazine.
The First Constitution of Connecticut
Reprint of the "Fundamental Orders" of 1638 and the "Charter of The Colony of Connecticut" of 1662.
Governors of Connecticut
Reprints of biographies on selected governors of the state from the 1905 publication by Frederick Calvin Norton.
Managing Travel in Connecticut: 100 Years of Progress
Substantive history of highways within the state from 1895 to 1995.
New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association
A nonprofit group dedicated to the preservation of the history of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad.
State Historic Preservation and Museum Division
Functions under state and federal law as the state's Historic Preservation Office. The division administers a range of federal and state programs, including echnical and educational services, restoration grants and environmental review and compliance programs.
Stone Quarries and Beyond
Extensive look at the history of Connecticut's quarries, stone cutters and carvers. Links provided to geology resources, photographs and further information on the stone industry in the state.
TownGreens Exhibits
Illustrated articles about the history of the public greens in several Connecticut towns.
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Connecticut
News, photo gallery, calendar and Connecticut's 612.
WPA Life Histories from Connecticut
First-person accounts of life in Connecticut collected during the Great Depression.
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