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Database containing summary geographic and ecological distribution information for over 8000 California vascular plant taxa, as well as additional habitat information for rare species of the Sierra Nevada.
California Academy of Sciences: California Wildflowers
Look-up photos and descriptions of California wildflowers by color, common name, Latin name or family.
California Botanical Society
Systematics, ecology, evolution, and natural history of the plants of California and adjacent western North America. Publisher of the journal MadroƱo.
California Exotic Pest Plant Council
Dedicated to finding solutions to problems caused by non-native pest plant invasions of the state's natural areas.
California Forest Pest Council (CFPC)
Educational resources about forest pests and forest health, and advises the California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection on forest health protection. Committees, reports, meetings, and events.
California Native Plant Society
Non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of California native plants through scientific activities, education, and conservation.
California Urban Forests Council
Vigorously advocates for a holistic, ecosystem approach to the practice of urban forestry, especially when influencing public policy and decision makers. Offers a newsletter, forest professional certification, publications, and general informational materials.
Las Pilitas
Advice and resources on gardening with native plants in California.
Sudden Oak Death
Created by the University of California's Sudden Oak Death Research Team, this site addresses the increasing number of oak trees in California that are dying from the fungal disease Phytophthora, and the effects the infestation is having on forest ecology.
Total Escape: California Wildflowers
The off the beaten path guide to seeing wildflowers. Seasons, destinations, picnic and camping spots.
Wildflowers of the Santa Monica Mountains (and Beyond)
Jay Sullivan presents a collection of over 1000 photographs of flowers found in southern and central California.
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