Includes sites specifically geared towards assisting or improving educator productivity, including continuing education for teachers and classroom products.

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Creates opportunities for California K-12 public schools and districts to participate in discount buying and licensing of educational technology instructional resources.
California After School Resource Center (CASRC)
Lending library of materials for use in after school academic and enrichment programs along with information for program administration, training, and professional development for after school programs.
California Department of Education: Education Technology Office
Information on state supported programs to enhance the use of instruction technology in K-12 classrooms.
California Educational Technology Professionals Association
Provides assistance to California's educational technology community. Information on their annual conference, newsletter, discussion lists, and other information.
California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
Describes teacher resources and activities available to heighten the agricultural awareness of school students.
California Jump$tart Coalition
Non-profit organization affiliated with the national Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. Goal is to educate young Californians in sound money and credit management practices. Events, press, and resources for educators.
California Learning Resource Network
Provides resources that enable California educators to identify supplemental electronic learning resources that both meet local instructional needs and embody the implementation of California curriculum frameworks and standards.
California Poets in the Schools
Provides poetry residencies for students in grades K-12 throughout California. The web site features student poetry, biographies of poet-teachers, and information about statewide anthologies.
California Subject Matter Projects
Professional development network of nine discipline-specific projects. Includes calendar of events, regional contacts, and web resources.
Education for the Future
Supports systemic change in schools and districts for increased student learning, assisting schools with systemic reform largely through School Portfolios and Data Analysis.
Eureka! California in Children's Literature 1988 - 1997
Bibliography of noteworthy children's and young adult literature set in California and highlighting California history and culture. [PDF]
Elementary math program designed to help California students achieve proficiency with the new Math Content Standards.
Outreach and Technical Assistance Network
Has course outlines for adult, vocational, ESL, citizenship, and disabled education courses.
Talk about Trees
Non-profit program dedicated to educating children about the responsible management and use of California's most renewable resource. Includes resources for students and teachers, including lessons, games, and other resources.
Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (TICAL)
Provides education administrators with centralized access to technology resources.
UC Berkeley Science Coalition
Coordinates science outreach projects and programs at UC Berkeley to better serve the K-12 school community.
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