Web commentators writing on the political scene. Journalists and non-journalists alike.

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Accidental Deliberations
Greg Fingas is a Regina lawyer, blogger and freelance political commentator who writes about provincial and national issues from a progressive NDP perspective.
Alberta Politics
Alberta journalist David J. Climenhaga's views on Alberta and Canadian politics and news.
Andy Lehrer
News and views from the Toronto, Canada blogger. Focuses on politics.
BigCityLib Strikes Back
Liberal Party supporter M.J. Murphy's views on Canadian and Ontario politics.
A Blog By James Curran
Liberal orientation.
Calgary Grit
Offers daily perspective on Canadian politics from an Alberta Liberal perspective.
Canadian Election Atlas
Site by Earl Andrew Washburn.
A Canadian Lefty in Occupied Land
Scott Neigh of Sudbury, Ontario on current events and politics.
The Dog Star Chronicles
News and opinion from southwestern Ontario.
Dr. Dawg's Blawg
Left-wing analysis by John Baglow.
Dropping the Writ
Blog on Canadian politics, social democracy, and the state of the left.
Ezra Levant
Opinions and articles by the conservative activist.
Just Right
Conservative blog with a classical liberal bent.
The Left Chapter
Michael Laxer provides socialist analysis of the Canadian and world scene along with cultural commentary, fiction, and recipes.
Montreal Simon
Progressive blog based in Montreal.
The Phantom Observer
Victor Wong's views. Conservative.
The Political Wonk
Blog of a policy wonk with views and opinions on Canadian Federal Politics.
Rafe Mair Online
Writer, broadcaster and former BC cabinet minister. Archive of his editorials and a discussion forum for visitors to review the politics of the day.
Rex Murphy - CBC
Current and archived opinions from one of Newfoundland's best-known journalists.
The Rude Macedon
Comments on Canadian political and media issues from a non-right-wing perspective.
Scott's DiaTribes
Scott Tribe's blog on Canadian politics.
Some random political blog
Robert Jago investigates the social media entrails of Canadian political candidates.
Stephen Taylor
Commentary by Stephen Taylor, director of the National Citizens' Coalition and a frequent adviser to the Conservative Party of Canada.
Thomas Terrio's View from the West
Online news, opinions and current events, photography and world events, views from the west, global strategies, editorials and opinions.
Warren Kinsella
Opinions from the Toronto based lawyer, consultant and former Liberal Party spin-doctor.
Wayne Doucette
Sociopolitical commentary from Metro Vancouver, BC.
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