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American Millennial Order
Organization advocating political and economic union of Canada with the United States. Features essays and membership form.
Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective
Blog monitoring the activities of Canadian racist, neo-nazi and other extremist groups and individuals.
Basic Income Canada Network
National organization promoting the adoption of a basic income guarantee for all Canadians. Site includes a FAQ, news, and information about how to get involved in the campaign.
Canada for Canadians First
Reverends M.J. Baldasaro and W.A. Tucker of Hamilton advocate for the legalization of marijuana.
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality
Seeks to restore and preserve the rule of law and equality before the law for all citizens irrespective of race, religion or national origin.
Canadian Child Abuse Association
Organization involved in child abuse prevention trains child sexual abuse investigators and responds to the needs of abused children.
Canadian Institute for Research on Linguistic Minorities
Conducts research into the condition of anglophones in Quebec and francophones in the rest of Canada.
The Canadian Museum of Genocide
White paper by Roman Serbyn, arguing for the establishment of a Genocide Museum in Canada to commemorate the victims of all genocides and teach about the nature of genocide.
Canadian Peace Alliance
An umbrella peace organization helping member groups to act as a broad network and to provide a strong, coordinated voice for peace issues at the national level. Provides information about specific issues and how to get involved.
Court Challenges Program of Canada
Provides financial assistance for court cases that advance language and equality rights guaranteed under Canada's Constitution.
Democracy Watch
An Ottawa-based non-profit, non-partisan citizen advocacy organization that focuses on democratic reform, government and corporate accountability in Canada.
Democracy Watch Campaigns
A listing of Democracy Watch campaigns to mobilize public opinion on ethically questionnable activities by the government.
G8 Information Centre: Kananaskis summit
University of Toronto research center examining G7/G8 summits, in particular the Kananaskis summit in Alberta, from June 26-27, 2002. Analysis, documents published by the summits, and links to participants.
Open Canada: Canadian International Council
Hub for articles on international affairs as well as information about the non-partisan, nationwide council established to strengthen foreign policy by promoting research and dialogue on international affairs issues.
Take Back Canada
Provides information on family and life issues, and calls for constructive involvement by concerned citizens.
Trudeau Society
Defends the social progressive vision of Canada as a Just Society espoused by former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau.
The Zeitgeist Movement Canada
An explicitly non-violent, global sustainability advocacy group. Chapters around the world.
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