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Akaash Maharaj
Feed for weblog, podcasts, videocasts, media articles, and public policy projects, on liberalism and the public good in Canada.
Alex diNorcia's Stuff
Features links to past projects, personal pictures, and work-related material.
The Angriest Boy In The World
A journalism student writing about technology, news and pop culture.
Basic Black
Writer, humorist and former CBC Radio host Arthur Black's website.
The Bees Knees
Weblog owned by a Sofi, providing her views on news of the day and photos.
Chaput, Guy
Blog and videos about modern music and other topics.
Curating Serendipity
A Canadian blogger writing under the name Margie, and her intellectual and philosophical adventures.
Downing's View
Retired Toronto Sun editor John Downing's thoughts and reminiscences.
Hon. Anne McLellan
Personal site of the Chancellor of Dalhousie University and former Liberal MP for Edmonton West and Deputy Prime Minister.
ITYS - I Told You So
Essays on American, Canadian, and international politics by Dr. Henry Srebrnik, Professor of Political Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island.
Jill Murray
Information about the writer and game designer, including a game about procrastination.
Jocelyn Shaw
Features personal poetry, samples from her poetry collection, lyrics and photos.
Khurram's Cyber World
Information about engineering, networking, web design, literature, music, and Islam. Includes his resume, discussion forum and pictures of his graduating class, the NEDians.
Laura the Canadian Explorer
Freelance writer, ASCII artist and urban explorer in Ontario.
Marita Moll
Blog discussing telecommunications policy.
Michael Ignatieff
Personal site of the Harvard Professor and former Canadian Liberal Party leader. Biography, writings and news.
Mortons Musings
Summaries of new Canadian Court decisions together with policy and analysis.
Paige Six
A Toronto woman going to Western University, in London, Ontario.
Peter Wieslaw Grajda
Contains a few items of interest to its Polish-Canadian owner.
Rahel Anne Bailie
Coquitlam, British Columbia-based information designer offers reviews and commentary.
Richard Warman
Information from and about the Canadian human rights lawyer and anti-racist activist.
Sally McKay
Weblog of a Toronto artist.
Sean Carney's Website
Interests include creative pursuits such as photography, electronics, and web design, hiking, trail running, and cycling.
Shahid Bashir
An electrical engineer who is from Pakistan, who shares his life and interests.
A Slice of Life
Writer and editor Linda Hoye's writing and recipes.
Information about Canadian immigration, opportunities, India, Toronto and peace.
Tammy's Place
Includes family photos, recipes, information on Harmon Air Force Base, Newfoundland genealogy and shopping.
The Thought Vox
Topics include art, photography, music, dating, religion, gay and lesbian issues, books, politics and reviews. I incorporate writing, photographs and video into my posts.
True Life - History of a Canadian Family
E.John Love is a Canadian web designer and amateur writer expressing his memories, and family history on the web since 1998.
Tushar Rajyaguru
The photography enthusiast's travel pictures.
Vicky Koulouris
Site owned by a young lady (and her father), with favourite sites and a photo album.

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