CEP Local 105
Represents pulp and paper workers in Dryden, Ontario.
CEP Local 298
Representing workers at Eurocan Pulp and Paper in Kitimat, British Columbia.
CEP Local 40-N
Represents employees of a major Nova Scotia food processing plant located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, including those who work at depots throughout the province.
Media Union of BC - Unifor Local 2000 BC
Labour organization representing workers in the print industry of British Columbia, Canada.
NABET 70- M Unifor
Union for film technicians in Toronto represents people who build and dress the set, transport people and equipment to location, light the shot, lay the track, push the dolly, manage the props, dress and makeup the actors, manage the special effects and record the sound.
Unifor 87-M
Representing workers at newspapers and magazines such as the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, Now Magazine and Macleans among others.
Unifor Local 191
Represents 2,000 workers at newspapers, commercial publishers and print shops in Winnipeg, Brandon, Manitoba and Thunder Bay.
Unifor Local 1996-O
Represents employees of Bell Technical Solutions such as inside wiring technicians. Formerly CEP Local 1996.
Unifor Local 2003
Information about the Toronto and southern Ontario union local.
Unifor Local 2289
Represents telephone company employees at Bell Aliant in Nova Scotia.
Unifor Local 26
Represents employees of Bell, Transervice, Expertech, Bell Aliant and Progistix in locations such as West Toronto, Milton, Oakville, Brampton, Streetsville and Georgetown.
Unifor Local 42
Composite local represents employees of Bell Canada and other telecommunications companies in and near Hamilton, Ontario.
Unifor Local 44
Represents workers in Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo and Stratford, Ontario.
Unifor Local 506
Represents workers at Bell Aliant Regional Communications in New Brunswick. The local's number is the same as New Brunswick's area code.
Unifor Local 591-G
Represents graphic arts workers in Toronto and southern Ontario.
Unifor Local 6005
Represents Bell Canada clerical and sales staff in London, Sarnia, Windsor, Brantford, Hamilton and St. Catharines.
Unifor Local 707-A
Representing workers at Suncor, TransAlta and other employers in Fort McMurray, Alberta.
Unifor Local 715M
Represents workers at CJOH-TV in Ottawa.
Unifor Local 723-M
Composite local represents workers at CTV and Rogers Television in Toronto. Discusses layoff-related protections, the Christmas party, and grievances.
Unifor Local 72M
Represents employees of television channels TVO and TFO in Toronto.
Unifor Local 76
Represents workers at Norske Canada in Powell River, British Columbia.
Unifor Media Council
Represents workers at Global television.
Unifor National
Canadian labour union represents workers in communications, media and manufacturing and was created from a merger between the Canadian Auto Workers and Communications, Energy and Paperworkers unions.
Union Gas Workers' Council
Council is made up of locals of Unifor the Union representing employees of Union Gas.

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