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Carignan-Salières Regiment Lineage
This regiment was used between 1665 and 1668 to combat the Iroquois threat to the struggling colony of New France.
Documents on the October Crisis
Documents, speeches and interpretations regarding the October, 1970 crisis in Quebec involving the kidnapping of diplomat James Cross and Cabinet Minister Pierre LaPorte by the Front de Liberation du Quebec.
Friends of Gatineau Park
A registered charity to foster understanding, appreciation, enjoyment and stewardship of the Park’s natural and human heritage. Quebec.
From New France to Modern Quebec
A summary of the history of Quebec from the New France era (1524) to modern day.
Hebridean Scots of the Province of Quebec
A history of the Scots who emigrated from the Isle of Lewis in the Nineteenth Century and settled in Quebec.
Lachine Canal National Historic Site
Official site for the history of the Lachine Canal.
Laurentian Heritage WebMagazine
A window on the history of the Laurentians, a guide to the region's heritage, past and present, and a way to encourage people of all ages to visit the region in person.
The Montreal Universal and International Exhibition of 1967
The World Fair of Montreal received more than 50 million visitors in six months during the year 1967. This site was conceived from the "Expo 67 Official Guide" which appeared in April of that year.
Quebec Heritage Web
A portal to the history and heritage of the various regions of Quebec, produced by the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN).
Quebec History - Marianopolis College
A collection of resources about various topics related to Quebec's history.
Société du patrimoine des beaucerons (The Beauce Historical Society )
Historical and genealogical research center in Beauce area. It seeks archival, genealogical, patrimonial and architectural preservation.
Virtual Museum of New France
Features information about ancestors of today's Quebecois, explorers and folk art.

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