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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Provides information about available services and programs. Includes calendar of events, list of publications, location of regional offices, and collection of news releases relevant topics for Ontario citizens.
Ministry of Children and Youth Services
Offers help for families to find the services to give kids a good start in life, helps to access the services they need at all stages of a child's development, and helps Ontario's youth become productive adults.
Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
Describes Ministry services and functions, recent events bulletins, contact information, related services and information. Deals with human rights, equal opportunity, volunteerism, immigration and settlement, disability issues, honours and awards in Ontario.
Ministry of Community and Social Services
Provides information about services to Ontarians who are vulnerable and in need - adults, children and youth, people with physical and developmental disabilities, and aboriginal people.
Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
Information and news releases about the ministry, its role in providing policing services, public safety, victim and related resources, including emergency updates.
Ministry of Education
Governmental authority regarding education in the province.
Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
Works with partners inside and outside government to build schools, public transit, hospitals and energy generation facilities that help power the economy.
Ministry of Finance
Manages government finances, and includes details of the province's various taxation and tax credit programs, collections, budgets and projections.
Ministry of Government and Consumer Services
The MGS delivers government services and is responsible for the government's workforce, procurement and technology resources. Operates walk-in and call centers, provides birth, death and marriage certificates, and manages land registry offices.
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Offers information ranging from addictions and ambulances, to tobacco addictions and women's health. Includes database search and direct links to government online services, health bulletins and related topics.
Ministry of Health Promotion
Seeks to develop a culture of health and wellbeing in Ontario and help contribute to the sustainability of our publicly funded health care system. Programs and policies integrate chronic disease prevention, health promotion, and sport and recreation programs, to promote improved long-term health outcomes for Ontarians.
Ministry of Labour
Information about the Ministry, employment standards, occupational health and safety, related press releases, labour-management regulations and ministry services.
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Includes program information, ministerial contacts, research programs, guidelines, and links.
Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
The government ministry responsible for fish, wildlife, land and water management. Provides links to minister's message, news releases, publications and related links.
Ministry of Northern Development and Mines
Provides information about the ministry including its mandate, services and recent news. Includes online resources for feedback, ministry database search, additional resources and related links.
Ministry of Research and Innovation
Focuses on innovation as the driver of growth across all sectors of the economy, develops an integrated innovation strategy and guide its delivery, invests in both policies and programs to deliver on the innovation strategy, and fosters a culture of innovation and showcase Ontario's innovative culture, nationally and internationally.
Ministry of the Attorney General
Chief law officers of the Crown, conducts criminal proceedings and administers courts services in Ontario and deals with civil claim against the government.
Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
Information, news and related links about the Ministry charged with maintaining a clean environment.
Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Responsible for employment and training (including Employment Ontario, apprenticeships, adult learning) and post-secondary education matters.
Ministry of Transportation
Ministry responsible for transportation and roads. Includes information about the ministry, operations, publications, vehicle and transport legislation, publication information and links to related sites.
Ontario Women's Directorate (OWD)
Provides focus for government action on issues of concern to women and in particular preventing violence against women and promoting women's economic independence.
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