Oak Island has long lured treasure hunters. Millions of dollars and countless years have been spent trying to dig up the secrets buried deep within the island but no one has succeeded.

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The Curse of Oak Island
History Channel reality series that follows the current owners of the island, Rick and Marty Lagina, as they attempt to solve the mysteries of the island. Includes streaming video clips and full episodes (available in the US only) as well as background information.
Friends of Oak Island Society
Stories of the 200 year treasure hunt on Oak Island, Nova Scotia. Offers forum, photo gallery and history.
Mysteries of Canada: The Treasure Pit of Oak Island
Brief history and translation of the cryptic message inscribed on a stone.
Mystery Pit of Oak Island
Features history, photos, and offers various theories as to the pit's origins.
Oak Island Revelations
Theories about the legends of Oak Island, from Cerris Francis.
Oak Island Treasure
Includes history, news, details of the various theories, diagrams and multimedia, photographs, and a forum.
Oak Island Treasure News
Independent First Nations treasure hunter and researcher Keith Ranville provides stories behind the mysteries of Oak Island.
Oak Island: What Lies at the Bottom of the Money Pit?
A speculative look at the purported treasure site, its history and those who have searched. Lists the story, inscribed stones and their translation, statistics, location of the island, theories, who's who, links and contacts.
A Critical Analysis of the Oak Island Legend
Features background, history, an exploration of the various theories associated with the island, reader feedback, and media coverage of the mystery. (August 01, 2006)
The Secrets of Oak Island
An article suggesting a Masonic connection to the Oak Island enigma. Includes map of the island. (March 01, 2000)
The Oak Island Enigma: A History and Inquiry into the Origin of the Money Pit
A 1953 article by Penn Leary that offers a detailed history of the island and expounds on a theory that Sir Francis Bacon was a party to the digging of the pit. (June 01, 1953)
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