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This category presents Canadian information on specific physical, emotional and mental illnesses or disorders, including national support groups and resources for health consumers or care providers.

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Alzheimer Society of Canada
Nationwide network of services for those affected and their families. Includes mission statement, history, policy statements, articles, forum, and information about care, treatment, and research.
Arthritis Canada
Includes the Arthritis Society, the Canadian Rheumatology Association, the Canadian Arthritis Network, arthritis health care providers and the Cochrane Musculoskeletal Group.
Asthma Society of Canada
Information about asthma including asthma triggers, treatment, medications and how to manage and control asthma.
Canada Hepatitis C Class Actions Settlement
Information for Canadians infected through the blood system between Jan/1986 and Jul/1990. Includes definitions, eligibility, procedures, documents, forms, news updates, and FAQs.
Canadian Council Of The Blind
A national self-help consumer organization of persons who are blind, deaf-blind and visually impaired. Offers text or graphics and text, resources, local chapters, programmes and links.
Canadian Down Syndrome Society
A support group for families with children with Down Syndrome.
Canadian Hemophilia Society
Dedicated to improving the quality of life for all persons with hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders, as well as ensuring the safety of the blood supply for all Canadians.
Canadian Lung Association
Information about respiratory conditions for both patients and the general public, and information about the Lung Association.
Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation
Lyme Disease facts, treatment, symptoms, diagnosis, and prevention in Canada. French and English versions.
Canadian Lymphedema Foundation
Charitable organization raising money for research and education into conditions affecting the lymphatic system.
Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders
Education and support, providing information on thousands of rare disorders and advocating for funding and research. Offers news, membership and contact details.
Colon Cancer Canada
Intended to bring all the victims of colon cancer together to share ideas, feelings, hopes and resources. Features related medical news and fundraising campaigns.
Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada
A national non-profit organization that provides information, news and support resources about the disease. Includes statistics, FAQs and events and fundraising details.
Compassion in Action
Foundation supporting sufferers of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia with goal of care centre. Site provides disease and foundation information, and links to resources.
Dandy-Walker Syndrome Yahoo Group
A forum which provides support for persons affected by Dandy-Walker Syndrome.
Debra Canada
A voluntary, non-profit organization dedicated to creating awareness and providing support for families affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Includes articles, news, and information about this genetic disorder.
The Eczema Society of Canada
A resource maintained by parents of kids with eczema. Information about treatment for patients, families and their doctors.
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
Provides patients and families with health and lifestyle information, tips, and trends on heart disease and stroke related conditions.
Help For Headaches
A charitable organization that offers educational and support services for headache sufferers.
The Kidney Foundation of Canada
Helping Canadians suffering from kidney failure and related disorders such as high blood pressure, kidney stones, diabetes and urinary tract infections
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
Provides information about the disease, progress in MS research, available services, details about fund raising events and donation opportunities.
Muscular Dystrophy Canada
A national voluntary agency committed to eliminating neuromuscular disorders and alleviating the associated distress.
National ME/FM Action Network
Details about this non-profit organization dealing with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Includes a downloadable newsletter, information roster, and discusses active projects.
North American Chronic Pain Association of Canada
NACPAC is a national self-help organization dedicated to providing support to people in chronic pain, and to giving them assistance in living their lives to the fullest.
A guide for health care professionals. The public may obtain information about particular pharmaceuticals by entering its DIN (Drug Identification Number). [English/Francais]
Parkinson Foundation of Canada
Details on this not for profit, charitable organization that raises money through corporate sponsorships, public donations, and planned gifts to help find the cause and a cure for this disease.
Rheum Info
Explains the symptoms, impact, and treatment options for Canadians suffering with arthritis.
Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada
An organization of approximately 125 victims of the drug thalidomide. It provides non-monetary programs, services, and advocacy for its members.
Thyroid Foundation of Canada
Volunteer organization promoting awareness among the general public about thyroid conditions. Member, volunteering and local information resources.
Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada
Dedicated to helping individuals with TS and their families by distributing information, promoting local self-help and professional services, and promoting research. Offers conferences, newsletters, and a kids page where children can share stories with other TSers.
Turner's Syndrome Society
Non-profit charitable organization that provides support services for individuals with TS and their families. Provides up-to-date medical information to families, physicians and the general public.
Wellspring Cancer Support Centres
Network of cancer support centres providing programs, educational resources and training for cancer patients and their families.
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