Official and Unofficial Associations, Groups and Organizations relevant to the Canadian Military.

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748 Communication Association
In Nanaimo, British Columbia, this group supports and encourages the Canadian Forces, particularly 748 Communication Squadron, in the preservation of their traditions, and development of their capacity to fulfill their roles.
Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries
An independent, federally incorporated, educational, scientific, engineering, and research organization with its headquarters in Ottawa. Its strategic objective is the improvement of defence preparedness in Canada.
The Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping
Retired and serving Canadian military (regular and reserve), RCMP, and civilian personnel who have served on United Nations Peacekeeping Missions.
Canadian Infantry Association
Exists to promote and improve the esprit-de-corps and general efficiency of the Canadian Forces Land Force (Army) Infantry arm. Members include all regular and reserve Infantry units in Canada (French available).
Canadian Military Engineers' Association
MEAC provides a forum to encourage interaction among all members, present achievements, discuss problems encountered; and develop and advance collective views on issues of common interest to Engineer members of the Canadian Forces. [French/English]
Canadian Military Police Association
A non-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of currently serving and former Military Police Branch personnel. Contains a forum.
Canadian Navy Tribal Class Destroyer Association
With membership open to any who serve or have served on any of the several generations of this class of ship, the association presents information on the vessels in text and photo as well as details of the group.
Conference of Defence Associations Institute
CDA seeks to contribute to beneficial defence policy and effective armed forces in Canada through a combination of advice to Canadian government and public information (through the Conference of Defence Associations Institute or CDAI) (French available).
HMCS Venture - Naval Training Centre
Perpetuates the memory of HMCS Venture and the hundreds of young Naval Officers who trained there. Provides a history of the Venture and its predecessors, and information about the group's membership.
Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association
Perpetuates the memory of the surviving veterans and to ensure the welfare of their spouses and widows. Includes a battle history and personal accounts, photo gallery and membership information.
The Naval Club of Toronto
Information and details about this club, its operations and membership information.
Reserve Electronic Warfare Squadron Association (REWSA)
Promotes the welfare of past and present members of the Reserve Electronic Warfare Squadron. Lists past members of the squadron and photos.
Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Association
The branch association for Armoured (US = Armor) units of the Canadian Forces Land Force (Army), presents basic information on the corps in text with some graphics (French available).
Royal Canadian Military Institute
RCMI, located in Toronto, Ontario is a club for current and former military officers and civilians with like interests. The site presents information on club facilities and activities as well as discussion of military matters in text and photo.
UTPM / UTPNCM Association of Canada
Meeting place of past, present, and future members of the University Training Plan for Non-Commissioned Members.
Vancouver Naval Veterans Association
British Columbia's largest and most active Naval Veteran's organization catering to the needs and interests of the Naval Veteran.
Vietnam Vets in Canada
Located in Western Canada, made up of Canadians who fought in Vietnam and American veterans who chose to move to this area, their site presents basic information on goals and membership.

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