Lists sites offering historical information related to or about this locality. Sites specifically for Historical Buildings would be listed in Arts_and_Entertainment/Architecture/Historic_Buildings if available.

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Archives Association of British Columbia
Provides information on the Archives Association of British Columbia. Listing of online historical resources about the province including vintage photographs and virtual exhibits.
British Columbia History
A directory of Internet resources detailing the history of this province. Almost all historical disciplines are represented.
Cassiar... Do You Remember?
A virtual community of the now-closed asbestos mining town of Cassiar. Includes history, photo archives, search page, newsletter and related information.
Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC
Founded in 2004, aims to encourage research, documentation and promotion of Chinese Canadian history in the province. Offers membership information, scholarships, event listings, articles and photos.
Heritage BC
Aims to conserve historic buildings and other heritage resources. Offers on-line guide to BC heritage sites and services, activities, advice on maintenance and conservation of historic buildings.
The Jewish Museum and Archives of BC
Archives and resources which include study guides, news and publications lists and a pictorial time line of Jewish settlement from 1858 to the present.
Kootenay, an Exploration of Historic Prejudice and Intolerance
Provides a look behind the peaceful facades of Kootenay towns in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when the forces of prejudice and intolerance were an everyday occurrence.
Marine History of the Comox Valley, British Columbia
Highlights a timeline of events, photos and a bibliography.
Mennonite Historical Society of British Columbia
Provides information about membership, events, family histories and genealogical resources.
North Shuswap Historical Society
Has been documenting and publishing the human and natural history of the Shuswap Lake area of the southern interior of British Columbia in its journal "Shuswap Chronicles" since 1985.
Okanagan Archive Trust Society
Historical and vintage photos from all around Canada, with a special focus on British Columbia and the Okanagan region. Offers profile, gift shop, photo archives and quarterly newsletter.
Okanagan Historical Society
Has been documenting and publishing the human and natural history of the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, for over 70 years.
Rolf Knight
Rolf Knight regional history books available for free download. Writer was recipient of a Canadian Historical Association's award.
Time Travel BC
Showcases heritage attractions around the province. Offers news, event calendar and links.
Town of Kitsault
Photographs and history of a ghost town that was structured around a molybdenum mine, built in 1979 and abandoned in 1983.
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