There are twenty ministries within the government of British Columbia. This category holds official sites for each of them.
Gaming Policy and Enforcement
Licenses and regulates charitable gaming in British Columbia.
Mines and Mineral Resources Division of the Ministry of Energy and Mines
Division manages British Columbia's mineral resources, encourages the responsible development of these resources and ensures that mining activities respect the safety of workers, the public and the environment.
Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconcilation
Offers information on the current minister, news, reports and treaties.
Ministry of Advanced Education
Provides overall funding and program coordination for British Columbia’s public post-secondary education and training system. Includes news, profile of minister, reports, publications, general responsibilities, and photo gallery.
Ministry of Agriculture
Minister profile, news, reports and publications, statistics, FAQs, strategic objectives, and overview of the industries.
Ministry of Children and Family Development
Offers a wide range of programs and services to children, youth, parents, families, people with special needs, and those fighting addictions. Includes plans, documents, service details, personnel, minister profiles, and budget highlights.
Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development
Profile of the minister, news, reports and projects.
Ministry of Energy, Mines and Minister Responsible for Core Review
Profile of minister, news, reports and strategic planning.
Ministry of Environment - Province of British Columbia
Responsible for the management, protection and enhancement of the province's environment. Ministry plans, minister profile, parks information, endangered species, environmental trends, annual reports, and hunting and fishing regulations.
Ministry of Finance
Includes budgets, taxation information, reports, publications, and minister profile.
Ministry of International Trade and Asia Pacific Strategy
Profile of the minister, news, reports and list of boards and commissions.
Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training
Profile of the minister, news, list of boards and commissions, and links to resources.
Ministry of Justice and Attorney General
The Ministry of Justice enforces and administers the law. Offers news, profile of the current minister, current projects, and legal resources for laypersons and professionals.
Ministry of Natural Gas Development and Responsible for Housing
Profile of the minister, news, list of boards and commissions and links to resources.
Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation
Profile of the minister, news, list of agencies and programs.
Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services
Profile of the minister, news and agencies. Includes the office of the Chief Information Officer.
Ministry of Transportation
Responsible for provincial bridges, highways, and ferries. Includes reports and publications, road maps, driver information, highway project information, and disaster response routes.
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