This category will list companies that produce products from raw materials and the companies that support them, such as distributors, wholesalers, industrial supply companies and manufacturing representatives. The general types of companies that will be listed here are food processing, aviation, conveyors, electronic, guns, instrumentation, mining, drilling, chemicals and textiles; however, the list is not limited to these industries. Companies in industries that have a separate sub-category in Business and Economy will not be listed here. Examples of companies not listed here are agriculture, automotive, computers, home and garden, oil and gas, printing, publishing, and telecommunications.

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Avi Cranes
Rental crane company, specializing in heavy lifting services, heavy transportation, and industrial building constructions.
Blue Desert
Develops, designs and markets a patented hands-free drinking system dedicated to the automotive market. Features product profile and uses, specifications, reviews and contact information.
Carmel Forge
Forging house producing a wide range of both Titanium and Nickel Alloy parts for the Aero-Engines industry.
Carmel Olefins Ltd.
Manufacturer of polyolefins, ethylene, low density polyethylene, carmelstat, polypropylene and polystyrene. Uses include production of films for agriculture, packaging irrigation pipes, sanitary pipes and fittings, toys, injection molded articles.
Manufacturers of confectionery products, including sweets, chocolates and other foods, made to order, kosher, and private label. Formerly Taste of Israel.
Cimatron, Ltd.
Develops CAD/CAM solutions for the tooling industry. Features information about products, company profile, news, events and contact details.
Denber Israeli Paints
Manufactures and distributes, paints, coatings and chemicals world-wide.
Dor Chemicals
Specializes in the production of a range of intermediate petrochemical products used in the chemical, plastics, pharmaceuticals and wood industries, as well as in agriculture and in motor fuels.
Duram Rubber Co.
Offers an evacuation mask that protects the respiratory system, the eyes and the entire head area against toxic air.
Elyon Ltd.
Specializing in textile manufacturing, consulting, development and transfer of related technologies. Company structure. Contacts.
Eram Plastic Ltd
Distributor of thermoplastic resin and compound, including regrind, reprocessed and surplus virgin resin.
Gadiv Petrochemical Industries Ltd.
A petrochemical manufacturer producing aromatics, solvents and intermediates used in the chemical and plastics industries.
Givot Olam Oil Exploration Ltd
Drills and tests for oil deposits in Israel.
Gold-Bar Engineering Ltd.
Manufacturer of heat exchangers, mixers, reactors, pressure vessels, separators, filters, distilling columns and radiators for the processing industries. Product descriptions. Company profile.
Haifa Basic Oils & Waxes
Manufacturer of various grades of base oils, and paraffin wax for the candle industry, packaging and paper industries, wood and rubber industry. Aromatic oils. Laboratory services for wax and oil.
Hanita Coatings - Kibbutz Hanita
Manufactures a wide range of coatings for Polyester, PVC, HIPS and other plastic sheets.
Iscar Ltd.
Manufacturer of precision carbide metal working tools, producing a wide range of carbide inserts, carbide end mills and cutting tools for metal cutting applications.
Israel Chemicals Ltd.
Manufactures and markets fertilizers, metallurgy and industrial products. Group profile and structure, shareholders. Details on products and company activities. Contacts.
Israel Diamond Industry Portal
Offers information about the industry, listings of rough and polished diamond suppliers, news, events and discussion groups. [English, Hebrew]
Israel Military Industries Ltd.
Aircraft equipment, pylons, fuel tanks, chaff and flare dispensing systems, unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), airborne electronic control units for aircraft-launched missiles.
L.B.L Trading Ltd.
Sale and distribution of petroleum products, industrial process and liquid handling equipment for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and water treatment markets. In English and Hebrew.
Leon Pessach & Sons
Manufacturers, importers and distributors, specializing in marketing mechanical and electromechanical components for linear and rotary motion. Products, news. Contacts.
Logisticare Limited
Company active in the fields of TPL and 4PL in Israel, matching customers needs with full supply chain services.
Magma Magnets
Lists products, international partners. Company profile and contact information.
Manufacturers Association of Israel
Provides promotional and support services. Features telephone directory, and archive of publications.
Manufacturer of acrylic sealants, silicones, water and solvent-based paints, finishers, interior and exterior coatings, adhesives, additives and powders. Environmentally-friendly building products.
Noga Engineering.
Manufacturer of deburring systems, or the deburring of machine parts that can not be deburred by other means.
Oxygen & Argon Works Ltd.
Manufacturer of industrial gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, CO2, acetylene, gas mixtures and specialty gases).
Paluch Furniture
Sells custom designed synagogue furniture with optional stained glass engraving. Products include wooden arks, doors, bimah, amud, and seating.
Zipper manufacturer, supplying a full range of standard, custom, and specialized zippers both locally and internationally.
Pass Gon
Fabrication of profiles and polls, by the poltorosion method, from polyester armored with glass fiber.
Plasgad Plastic Products
Design and manufacture of stackable plastic containers, crates, pallets, pallet bins, boxes, trays, ventilated box and containers for storage and transportation in industry and agriculture. Anti-static bins for electronics and printed circuits.
Polycad Plastic
Design and manufacture of plastic packaging for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Blow and injection molding and injection blow-molding techniques using PET, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and polycarbonate.
Profal Ltd.
Specializes in designing, producing, processing, and anodizing aluminum profiles. Company information, services and products, quality assurance, and links.
Resht O Plast
Manufacture of cast polypropylene film and BOPP bags. Polyethylene UV stabilized fences (Safe-T-Fences) for the DIY market; agricultural, residential, and construction sites.
Design and manufacture of cryo-coolers for electro-optics, applied superconductivity, scientific instrumentation and vacuum applications.
Laundry powders and fabric softeners. Stain removing products. Bathroom and toilet cleaning products and bleaches. Air fresheners fragrances. Insecticides and pesticides.
Shalon Chemical Industries
Designer and manufacturer of personal and collective NBC protective equipment. Sales include gas masks, combat goggles, and chemical neutralization products.
Tadbik Labeling and Marking Systems
Specializes in the design and production of custom printed self-adhesive labels. Features product information, company profile.
Tirosh David Quality Castings Ltd.
Manufactures broad range of aluminum and magnesium alloy sand castings. Activities includes pattern manufacturing, prototype development, serial casting, and finished machining.
Tzora Furniture Industries
Office furniture manufacturer in Israel. The company also produces garment display racks, health care products and black chrome electrophoretic plating.
Zohar Dalia
Developer and manufacturer of detergent intermediates and cleaning products. Enzymes for the pulp and paper industry and food industry. Biopesticides, biofungicides, biopolymers.
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