This category tree is for websites relating to all aspects of government in Wales.
UK Central Government:
Wales is represented at the Westminster's House of Commons, by Members of Parliament ( MP ).
UK Regional:
Devolved powers are administered by the;  National Assembly for Wales, where Members ( WAM ), 
represent five Welsh Assembly Electoral Regions as well as the 40 MP constituencies.
European Parliament:
Wales is one Region of the UK, where Members ( MEP ), are elected using party-list proportional representation.
Local government websites tend to be duplicated across DMOZ.
  1. Once at the most appropriate  Locality for the scope of their administration,
  2. Together as a Topic, according to the Unitary Authority, with the subcategory for Local Community Councils
For details please see  Wales: Government: Local Councils

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Welsh Government
Profile, responsibilities, news, details of consultations, legislation, funding, campaigns, and contacts.
Boundary Commission for Wales
Carries out boundary reviews of parliamentary constituencies and submits its recommendations to the Government of Welsh.
Business Wales
The Welsh Government’s service for people starting, running and growing a business. Provides information on business finance, funding and support, IT for businesses, sales and marketing, and selling to government.
Children's Commissioner for Wales
Explains the purpose of this champion for children and young people's rights, how and what can be done and how to get in touch.
Consumer Citizens Advice Wales
Represents consumers in Wales and works to secure a fair deal on their behalf. Includes news, current work and publications.
Enterprise Europe Network
Provides information for small to medium size businesses in Wales, including information on grants and public procurement.
The European Commission Office in Wales
Official voice of the European Commission in Wales. Responsible for explaining the policies and programmes of the European Union, and discussing their likely impact in Wales
Food Standards Agency: Wales
The Agency aims to be a reliable source of advice and information about food in Wales, working with the National Assembly and local authorities.
Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales
Responsible for reviewing local government areas and electoral arrangements in Wales. Includes information about the Commission, news, publications, boundary reviews, electoral reviews, and community reviews. (English/Cymraeg)
Local Government Data Unit
Aimed at improving the quality and availability of data relating to local authorities and their communities.
National Assembly for Wales
Describes the Assembly and its powers with information about its members, events and records of proceedings.
Natural Resources Wales
Describes the work of the Government's statutory adviser on sustaining natural beauty and wildlife in Wales. Includes information on the practical work of the organisation.
North Wales Police and Crime Panel
Information about Police and Crime Commissioner, role, responsibilities, elections and tenure, with details of committee members, meetings. complaints procedure and contacts. [English/Cymraeg]
Oultwood Local Government Website
Welsh local council links using clickable maps and lists.
Public Services Ombudsman for Wales
Explains the role of the Ombudsman, how to make a complaint and how complaints are investigated. In Welsh, English and several other languages.
Wales Audit Office
Provides a comprehensive audit and inspection service across a wide range of public services. Explains the work done and gives information on making complaints and whistleblowing. Bilingual.
Wales Office
Describes the Office of the Secretary of State for Wales and its activities and history.
Welsh Assembly Government: Unitary Authorities
Basic information about all of Wales' the three major cities, counties and county boroughs, with links to the official websites.
Welsh Development Agency (WDA)
Includes information for companies considering investing in Wales as well information about the country, its industries and the companies that are already established.
Welsh European Funding Office
Part of the Welsh Government and manages the delivery of the EU Structural Funds programmes.
Welsh Local Government Association
Represents the interests of local authorities in Wales, with fire and rescue, police and national park authorities being associate members. Bilingual.

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