Policy institutes study a wide range public policy issues and topics; publish position papers; conduct conferences on public policy topics; etc. Their web sites are often good sources of information and opinion on public issues. Some policy institutes are nonpartisan, particularly if they are associated with universities, but most have a particular point of view. Institutes in this category cover the full range of the political spectrum.

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Adam Smith Institute
Developer of free-market policies on health, education, transport, welfare and taxation. Offers on-line publications, details of current initiatives, events diary, recommended reading, and information about Adam Smith.
Age Concern London
Provides information about Age Concern London's work, including campaigns and publications, raising awareness of issues affecting older people in the capital.
Anglo-German Foundation
Contributes to the policy process in Britain and Germany by funding comparative research on economic, environmental and social issues and by organising and supporting conferences, seminars, lectures and publications. Research papers in PDF format.
The Bruges Group
Campaigning for a less centralised European structure, no further integration and no British involvement in a single European state.
Centre for Cities
A non-partisan urban policy research unit. Contains news, press releases and information on events.
Centre for Defence and International Security Studies
Issues within the broad context of international security.
Centre for Economic Policy Research
A network of over 700 economists based across Europe.
Centre for Enterprise
Economic and social policy to bring practical insights to policy questions within a framework which ensures independence and integrity. Publications in PDF format.
Centre for Entrepreneurs
CFE promotes the role of entrepreneurs in creating economic growth and social well-being. Profile introducing research, blog, link to StartUp Britain, social media and contacts in London..
Centre for European Reform
Works to improve the quality of the debate on the European Union. It is a forum for people with ideas from Britain and across the continent. The CER is pro-European but not uncritical.
Centre for Policy on Ageing
To discover and advocate what older people themselves want and need to live life in older age as fully as possible and informing and influencing service providers. CPA has its own list of publications on policy issues and maintains an internationally renowned library and information service on the social, behavioural and health aspects of older age.
Centre for Policy Studies
An independent centre-right think tank which develops and publishes public policy proposals and arranges seminars and lectures on topical policy issues. Founded by Sir Keith Joseph and Margaret Thatcher in 1974.
Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations
A major academic body for the research and teaching of aspects of race, migration and ethnic relations. Based at the University of Warwick.
Centre for Social Justice
A think tank founded by a group of Conservative Party politicians.
Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation
Research into the future of the financial services industry. Minutes of the meetings in PDF format.
Centre for the study of Regulated Industries
An independent and politically neutral interdisciplinary research centre investigating how regulation and competition are working in practice. It aims to produce authoritative, practical contributions to regulatory policy and debate, which are put into the public domain. It focuses on comparative analyses across the regulated industries.
An independent, liberal think tank seeking to develop evidence based, long term policy solutions to the problems facing Britain.
Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs)
A source of independent analysis, informed debate and influential ideas on how to build a prosperous and secure world for all.
Citizens Income
Gives on-line access to much of the material held at the Study Centre whilst, in addition, showcasing up-to-the-minute information on current findings, forthcoming events and reviews.
Civitas: The Institute for the Study of Civil Society
A British educational charity and publisher specialising in health, education, welfare, economics and the renewal of civil society.
Direction for the democratic left: membership organisation promoting left-wing debate in modern Britain. Publications in PDF format.
The Constitution Unit
Research body on constitutional change, specialising in constitutional reform and comparative constitutional studies with a practical focus timely and relevant to policy makers and practitioners.
An independent research and advisory group helping organisations understand the cultural and social dynamics of risk.
David Hume Institute
Legal and economic aspects of public policy questions, primarily concerned with market approaches to public policy.
Demos is an independent think tank and research institute.
A web based think-tank promoting theological ideas in the public square.
The European Foundation
Providing both challenging arguments and solid facts on the European Union from a Eurorealist position. Journals and pamphlets in PDF format.
European Policy Forum
Independent international research institute providing a range of studies, seminars and conferences. It generates market ideas for public policy in economics, media, financial, regulatory and institutional issues.
Fabian Society
A left of centre think tank which conducts research into political ideas and public policy reform. Affiliated to the Labour Party but editorially and organisationally independent. Includes an on-line ordering service for various publications.
The Federal Trust for Education and Research
Interactions between regional, national, European and global levels of government.
Foreign Policy Centre
Launched under the patronage of Tony Blair to develop a vision of a fair and rule-based world order.
Global Britain
Research and analysis into the key aspects of the UK's relationship with the EU and with the rest of the world and examining the feasibility of the UK's withdrawal from the EU.
Global Vision
A non-partisan campaign group for a looser, more modern relationship with the EU based on trade and cooperation, whilst opting out of political and economic union.
Green Alliance
An independent charity and think tank working to make environmental solutions a priority in British politics.
The Guardian: List of Thinktanks in the UK
Profiles Britain's leading thinktanks and explains what they are up to. Includes reviews of recent publications and links.
Hansard Society
Political research and education charity to strengthen parliamentary democracy and encourage greater public involvement in politics.
Henry Jackson Society
A cross-partisan, British-based think tank with a strong British and European commitment towards freedom, liberty, constitutional democracy, human rights, governmental and institutional reform and a robust foreign, security and defence policy and transatlantic alliance.
Industry and Parliament Trust
An independent, non-partisan and non-lobbying registered charity, dedicated to promoting mutual understanding between Parliament and the worlds of business, industry and commerce for the public benefit.
Industry Forum
Promotes constructive dialogue on business issues between its business members and decision-makers. The site contains information on future and previous meetings.
Institute for Fiscal Studies
Research institute which exists to provide economic analysis independent of government, political party or any other vested interest.
Institute for Jewish Policy Research
Planning for the future of British Jewry. Articles in PDF format.
Institute for Public Policy Research
Seeks to promote social justice, democratic participation, and economic and environmental sustainability in government policy.
Institute of Development Studies
Global organisation for research, teaching and communications on international development.
Institute of Economic Affairs
The IEA's goal is to explain free-market ideas to the public, including politicians, students, journalists, businessmen, academics and anyone interested in public policy.
The Institute of Employment Rights
An independent organisation acting as a focal point for the spread of new ideas in the field of labour law.
Institute of Ideas
Expand the boundaries of public debate of complex social issues. Reports in PDF format.
Institute of Race Relations
Established as an independent educational charity in 1958 to carry out research on race relations, transformed into an anti-racist think tank in 1972.
Institute of Welsh Affairs
Quality research and informed debate aimed at making Wales a better nation in which to work and live.
International Institute for Environment and Development
International policy research institute and non governmental body working for more sustainable and equitable global development.
International Institute for Strategic Studies
The world’s leading authority on political-military conflict. It is based in London and has offices in the US and in Singapore.
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Independent development and social research charity, supporting a programme of research and development projects in housing, social care and social policy.
Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust
Promotes political reform, constitutional change and social justice by awarding grants and publishing grants.
The King's Fund
Working for better health. Health news, blog. Publications in PDF format.
Labour Finance & Industry Group
Helps the Labour Party with policy-making in industrial and economic fields. Describes the organisation and its workings with news and member bulletins.
Learning and Work Institute
UK based, independent, non-profit policy and research organisation dedicated to lifelong learning, full employment and inclusion. Profile of aims, resources, policy proposals, archive of consultation responses, events, training, blog, membership and contacts.
Libertarian Alliance
Working for fundamental and permanent changes, regarding the State as both unnecessary for any good purpose, and as the foremost violator of life, liberty and property.
Local Government Information Unit
Representing the interests of local authorities by providing practical, independent advice and training.
London Councils
Fighting for more resources for the capital and getting the best possible deal for London’s 33 local authorities.
MigrationWatch UK
Concerned about the present scale of immigration into the UK, the purpose of the organization is to monitor developments, conduct research, and provide the public with full and accurate facts placed in their proper context and make recommendations for policy.
A university think tank to help solve complex problems in higher education. Reports in PDF format.
National Institute of Economic and Social Research
Aims to promote a deeper understanding of the interaction of economic and social forces.
New Economics Foundation
Aims to improve quality of life by promoting innovative solutions that challenge mainstream thinking on economic, environment and social issues.
New Local Government Network
Independent think tank seeking to transform public services, revitalise local political leadership and empower local communities, an advocate of New Localism. Publications in PDF format.
New Policy Institute
A progressive, independent think tank, focusing on government policy for services, from health and education to finance.
Open Europe
An independent think tank seeking to contribute new thinking to the debate about the direction of the European Union and calling for a radical reform. Publications in PDF format.
The Opposition Studies Forum
A research group dedicated to the study of political opposition in the UK and other democratic political systems. News, events and a video archive.
Overseas Development Institute
Aims to inspire and inform policy and practice which lead to the reduction of poverty, the alleviation of suffering and the achievement of sustainable livelihoods in developing countries.
Policy Exchange
The think tank's mission is to develop and promote new policy ideas which will foster a free society based on strong communities, personal freedom, limited government, national self-confidence and an enterprise culture.
Policy Network
International centre-left think tank working to promote and develop progressive politics and social democratic renewal, particularly throughout Europe but also worldwide.
Policy Research Bureau
An independent social policy research centre specialising in families and young people.
Policy Studies Institute
PSI undertakes and publishes research studies relevant to social, economic and industrial policy, employment and the environment.
A forum for social and economic thinking encouraging reflection, discussion and debate about the place of the state in the people's daily lives, from employment and tax to education, health and pensions.
New Labour pressure group aiming to promote a radical and progressive politics for the 21st century. An independent organisation of Labour party members and trade unionists, founded in 1996.
A policy institute promoting new directions for public policy based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, and individual liberty.
Regulatory Policy Institute
Dedicated to the study of all aspects of regulation and deregulation. It conducts research, publishes, and holds conferences and seminars. Publications in PDF format.
An independent, non-partisan public policy think-tank established in 2009 by Phillip Blond.
Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security
Studies developments in military doctrine, defence management and defence procurement. in recent years RUSI has broadened its remit to include all issues of defence and security, including terrorism even natural disasters.
Runnymede Trust
Promotes a successful multi-ethnic Britain in the spirit of civic friendship, shared identity and a common sense of belonging, founded in 1968.
The Smith Institute
An independent think tank that undertake research and education in issues that flow from the changing relationship between social values and economic imperatives.
Social Affairs Unit
The institute addresses social, economic and cultural issues with an emphasis on the value of personal responsibility.
Social Issues Research Centre
An independent, non-profit organisation founded to conduct research on social and lifestyle issues, trends, and human behaviour. Campaigns against scares.
Social Market Foundation
An independent think tank, exploring ideas that link the state and the market to create a more just, free and prosperous society. Focuses on health, education, welfare and pensions policy reform.
Social Policy Research Unit
Independent research unit at University of York concerned with the development of policies and the delivery of services to support people made vulnerable by poverty, ageing, disability or chronic illness.
Strategic Society Centre
Registered charity think-tank, founded in 2010, with the mission to examine the big, strategic challenges facing policymakers. Profile with publications, recent events, blog articles, and contacts in London.
The TaxPayers' Alliance
Britain's independent campaign for lower taxes.
UK Drug Policy Commission
Providing objective analysis of UK drug policy. Reports in PDF format.
Unlock Democracy
An independent all-party campaign for constitutional reform in the UK, incorporating Charter88. Includes information about current campaigns, publications, and background materials.
Warwick Institute for Employment Research
Research in the operation of labour markets and socio-economic processes related to employment and unemployment. Bulletins in PDF format.
Young Fabians
The under-31s section of the Fabian Society. News, events, blog and podcasts.
The Young Foundation
Research to identify and understand unmet social needs and then develop practical initiatives and institutions to address them.
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