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Alliance for Green Socialism
The AGS promotes democracy, socialism and the environment.
Alliance for Workers' Liberty
This group, formerly known as Socialist Organiser is active in the British labour movement and the Labour Party. The group is also moving towards an ideological position of "critical Marxism." Participated in the Socialist Alliance. Now in the Socialist Green Unity Coalition.
Campaign for a New Workers' Party
A campaign for the establishment of a new mass workers' party. Socialist Party and Workers Power are involved.
Communist Party of Britain Marxist-Leninist
Publishes monthly magazine Workers. Formed by Reg Birch in 1968.
Communist Party of Great Britain
Official website of the CPGB(PCC). Publishes the Weekly Worker.
Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)
Formed in 2004 by former Socialist Labour Party members, they publish the Proletarian newspaper and have links to Lalkar. They are anti-revisionist (defending Stalin), anti-imperialist and anti-social-democracy.
Critique from the IBT
International Bolshevik Tendency's critique articles of Workers Power
Economic and Philosophic Science Review
Fortnightly bulletin from a group that emerged from the Socialist Labour Party.
For Bolshevism-AUCPB
English language blog of the Russian All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB) general secretary Nina Andreeeva.
Independent Working Class Association
Promotes the political and economic interests of the working class; manifesto, news, party structure, election results and the IWCA’s first councillor's diary.
Islington Socialist Alliance
Information about events, candidates and policies.
New Communist Party of Britain
Marxist-Leninist party that split from the Communist Party of Great Britain in the 1970s. Includes an online version of the newspaper New Worker, archives and policy documents.
Revolutionary Communist Group
Publishes Fight Racism, Fight Imperialism. Ex-Trotskyists who argue Cuba is a healthy workers state. Key difference theoretically with rest of left is emphasis on Labour Aristocracy.
Socialist Equality Party
Rival of Workers' Revolutionary Party from which it split in the 1980s. Both claim to be the British section of the International Committee of the Fourth International (itself a result of a split in Trotsky's Fourth International).
Socialist Party of Great Britain (Socialist Standard)
Founded in 1904 and affiliated with the World Socialist Movement. Information about party activities and ideology. Marxist but rejects the revolutionary left as well as evolutionary socialism in favour of a belief in spontaneity. Publishes the Socialist Standard.
Socialist Resistance
An ecosocialist organisation opposed to imperialist wars and capitalism.
Socialist Studies
Split from the SPGB.
Wikipedia: British Left
List of Far-Left groups in Britain.
Workers Power
British section of the League for a Fifth International. Information about Marxist theory, an online version of the Workers Power magazine, news and union updates.
Workers' Revolutionary Party
General Secretary is Sheila Torrence. Descended from the tendency led by Gerry Healy who was expelled in the 1980s. Rival of Socialist Equality Party both of which claim to be the British section of the International Committee of the Fourth International.
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