Be Afraid of the BNP
"They're neo-Nazis with a reputation for violence - New Labour has reason to take them seriously," writes Observer commentator Nick Cohen.
Beware BNP bridge builders
Article in the Guardian by Kate Taylor accusing Nick Griffin of exploiting the Sikh community in order to build anti-Muslim hatred.
BNP Attempts to Forge Ethnic Minority Links
BBC Radio 4 Today Programme discussing BNP strategy to form a common front with some minorities against Muslims. Contains original audio programme online.
British National Party
Promotes Britain for the British policies. Profile and issues.
Meet your friendly local racists ...
They're smart, educated, tireless and in touch with local concerns. And voters, spurred on by lies about asylum-seekers, are backing the BNP as never before. The Observer's Amelia Hill reports
Under the skin of the BNP
Panorama report on the British National Party. Accuses the party of having a racist history and fascist origins and highlights the criminal records of many of its leading members, including leader Nick Griffin.
Nicky Crane: The secret double life of a gay neo-Nazi
The BBC reports that He was the British extreme right’s most feared streetfighter. But almost right up to his death 20 years ago, Nicky Crane led a precarious dual existence — until it fell dramatically apart. (December 05, 2013)
Searchlight: BNP Profiting from Hate
Article accuses the British National Party of being racist and spreading misinformation and hatred about the Oldham riots for the purposes of political expediency. (July 01, 2001)
Searchlight: Is the BNP turning normal?
Article accuses the British National Party of remaining fascist and pro-Nazi despite attempts by the party to appear respectable and mainstream. (April 01, 2001)
Searchlight: BNP feud heads for court
Article on factional conflicts within the British National Party. (October 01, 2000)
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