Sites about UK Political Parties in general, such as cross-party sites and election procedures, predictions and results. National parties such as the SNP, Sinn Fein, Plaid Cymru, Ulster Unionist Party etc are listed under Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland.

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Alternative Party
The purposes and policies of the party.
Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR)
A registered political party in the UK which aims to bring about an end to the prohibition of cannabis.
Christian Peoples Alliance
A political party coming from a Christian democratic position, without much Left/Right specificity. Includes manifesto policies, endorsements, donating, social media feeds and council login.
Community Action Party
Advocates free health care and education, supports zero tolerance toward crime. Manifesto, local issues, contact details.
England First Party
It criticises British nationalism and supports English nationalism instead. Manifesto, principles, news, contact details.
English Democratic Party
Has contested two general elections and one European election campaigning for an English parliament, the preservation of an ancient English constitution, and independence from Europe. Policies, contact information and track record. Formed by a merger of the English Freedom Party and the English Constitutional Party.
The English Democrats Party
Campaigning for the creation of an English Parliament and Executive within the United Kingdom with the same powers as the Scottish Parliament and Executive. With policies, forum and news blog.
Equal Parenting Alliance
Promotes a system of family justice that puts the needs and interests of children first, for example equal custody for parents. Description of policies, press releases.
Henley Residents Group
An independent group striving to keep Henley a special place for its residents and businesses. News, events, contact details.
Islamic Party of Britain
Aims to give Muslims a voice in British politics and to promote Islamic ideas throughout British society.
Liberal Vannin Party
Liberal party of the Isle of Man.
Local Government Reform
Campaign site for John Rose.
Mec Vannin - The Manx Nationalist Party
A political party advocating the full republican independence of Mannin (the Isle of Man) from Britain.
The New Party
A progressive party which aims to return direction, experience and accountability to politics. Includes manifesto policies, surveys, comments, news, and contact details.
Pirate Party UK
Dedicated to freedom of speech, personal privacy and copyright reform by legalising non-commercial file sharing and reducing the length of copyright protection. Includes news, policies, a forum and an online chat applet.
The Protest Party
Policies and other information covering their range of issues believing in the primacy of the citizen, such as Chilcot Report, and reversing the Brexit decision.
Registration of Political Parties Act 1998
Full text of the Act that set up the register.
The Roar Party
Claiming to bringing democracy by e-voting on all important issues aiming to connect ordinary people with "Reality Politics". Includes policies on Europe, immigration, health, benefits, education, crime. armed forces, and national service.
The Southport Party
Political party promoting the interests of Southport on Sefton Council. Information about policies, councillors, the perceived failings of Sefton Council, and local issues..
The United Democrats
An initiative for a new political party seeking change and to retain the values of the SDP.
Profile, manifesto, news and events with articles and membership information.
Christian, pro-life party. Description of principles and policies.
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