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Comments on politics and technology, and the intersection between the two. British perspective but keeps an eye on global developments.
Adam Smith Institute Blog
Weblog from the UK free market think-tank.
Biased BBC
Exposing the reporting bias of the BBC.
Bruce on Politics
Views and humour of a games industry marketed, focused on UK politics from the perspective of his business. Author profile, feed subscription and comments.
Weblog specialised to by-elections in the UK.
Politics, economics, trading, energy and industry, humour.
Aiming to engage young people with politics and their communities through articles and videos. Includes profile, reader comments, contacts and social media links.
Christian Eriksson
Criticism, analysis and cultural history on a variety of topics; political economy, social justice, counter-culture and the human condition.
The Daily (Maybe)
Most entries are about green campaigns and the environment.
Articles about politics, media and culture with a particular focus on Scotland. Written by Duncan Stephen, who is based in Fife.
Enza Ferreri
Blog of London-based Italian journalist Enza Ferreri with opinions on news, politics, society, religion, environment.
Current affairs, comment and analysis on Britain and the EU.
Freethinking politics
A political blog aiming to discern new ways forward.
Guido Fawkes' blog
Discussion on parliamentary plots, rumours and conspiracy.
Harry's Place
Discussion on politics, war and issues relating to religion and secularism.
Heresy Corner
Covering politics, religion, culture, current events and quirky stories. British perspective, but international in scope and interests.
Jay's Bolitical Blog
Comments on the big UK and World political events of the day.
The Last Ditch
Tom Paine, expatriate Englishman in Moscow, blogs about politics in Britain.
Last Ditch
Tom Paine, an English expatriate in Moscow, blogs about the death of liberty in Britain.
Commentary on the introduction of communication technology in politics by a PhD candidate.
Opinion on news, particularly economics coming from a green political perspective. Author is a physician and psychiatrist.
Miss Wagstaff Presents
A political blog of Welsh origin. Analysing - among other things - the 'One Wales Agreement/Government'.
Never Trust a Hippy
A blog about music, football, books, life, clarification and the demagogic simplification of everything.
Not Little England
A weblog opposing attempts to destroy the civil liberties and open minded ideals that made Britain great.
Notes from the Panopticon
Weblog surveying the political landscape and presenting thoughts on constitutional and related issues.
Inexorable leftist gibbering from someone somewhere.
OpenDemocracy: UK
Discussing democracy in its broadest meaning.
The Orange Party
Independent, left-leaning journalism. Sceptical, cynical and straight to the point.
Pickled Politics
An progressive political weblog from UK with an South Asian tinge.
Pint of Unionist Lite
In defence of the continuing Union of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Mike Smithson's blog about political betting markets.
Politics Home
Weblog following UK political news.
Politics with a Welsh accent
David Cornock covers Parliament and politics for BBC Wales from Westminster. This is his 'other blog'.
Robert Sharp
Ideas of multiculturalism, political debates, and the impact of digital technology, especially the Internet, on life and culture.
A blog for people with a critically rational individualist perspective.
Socialist Unity
Left-wing blog with a number of contributors.
The Spectator: Coffee House
The 'official' blog of the magazine.
Strange stuff
Chris from Torquay discusses British politics.
Terence Bunch
British Photojournalist and writer specialising in the effects of globalisation from a politically non-aligned perspective. Include photography, commentary archive, day diary, RSS feed and contacts.
Three Thousand Versts of Loneliness
Reflections and rants on politics, current affairs, football, culture, Northern Ireland, Russia, Eastern Europe and life.
Tim Worstall
A political weblog specialised in the interface between economics and environmentalism.
UK Polling Report
Weblog of Anthony Wells analyses and comments polls.
Westminster Wisdom
Weblog on UK politics.
The Young Political Bloggers
Political analysis and commentary by young people.
Alan Connor's political blog guide
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