General paranormal information from the United Kingdom.

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Anomaly Reseachers UK
British only non-profit group for UFO and related sightings. Provides a contact form, news, blog and upcoming field studies.
The Ghost Club
Details of paranormal phenomena including ufology, Loch Ness and crop circle investigations.
Ghost Island
Offers a collection of ghost story excerpts and associated pictures from the Isle of Wight, also available is information about ghost walks and investigations of haunted locations and details of books for sale on the subject.
Historical information of haunted buildings, castles, churches, and pubs in UK. Includes stories about orbs and poltergeists. Submissions accepted.
Haunted Britain - Ghosts Stories from the United Kingdom and Ireland
Offering a large collection of ghost stories from across the British Isles which are broken down by region. Also includes a blog and a collection of online films.
Haunted Island
A collection of information and stories regarding ghosts, hauntings, and paranormal happenings in the UK. Details are available by category and region. There is also a section where you can share your own ghost story.
Haunted London - True Ghost Stories From Haunted London
Includes a wide selection of ghost stories and legends associated with London and many of its haunted historic buildings and locations. There is also a selection of ghost stories associated with Jack the Ripper.
London Paranormal | Ghost sightings in London
Offers a collection of paranormal stories and images from haunted locations in and around London, Includes the London underground, as well as theatres, hotels and other landmarks.
Mia Dolan
TV personality, psychic investigator, ghost-buster and psychic. Contains information on her books, in person readings and blog.
Mysterious Britain
A guide to the legends, folklore, myths and mysterious places of Britain
Orkneyjar - Orkney Ghosts
Ghost stories, folklore and legend from the Orkney Islands. Featuring accounts of paranormal happenings from haunted locations on the islands.
Detailed accounts and pictures from investigations carried out by this group.
Includes case studies of previous investigations, FAQ, and a guide to paranormal events.
The Raymond Cass Foundation
Offering information and examples of the work and experiences of Raymond Cass in the field of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) Also available are examples of captured EVP and details of methodology.
Stone Seeker
Offers details and excerpts from media and books by Peter Knight in addition to information and links to ancient and mysterious sites in Dorset. Also included are topical suggestions for children’s games and activities.
TheSpiritGuides Network
Covers esoteric things, meet like minded people. Subjects covered, clairvoyance, ascension and healing.
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