For organisations and self-help groups in the UK directed at adult survivors of violence or abuse -dealing with long-term strategies, counselling and support.

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Choices Counselling
Offer a confidential counselling service in Cambridge and surrounding areas for those whose lives are affected by child sexual abuse. Information about services, group work, and training.
Help for Adult Victims of Child Abuse
Provides support to any adult victim of child abuse, and works to raise awareness throughout the community. Substantial advice and information section, with a listing of local self-help groups.
Into The Light
Offers support, information and resources around the issues of sexual abuse for those who have been abused and those who support them; contact details.
Life Centre
Provides counselling and supports for survivors of rape and sexual abuse; information about their services, resources, and contact details. [Chichester, West Sussex]
National Association for People Abused in Childhood ( NAPAC)
Provides support and information for people abused in childhood. Information about their activities, a directory of local support groups, their national helpline, and publications. Includes a section on survivors' voices.
Nexus Institute
Works across Northern Ireland to respond to the needs of adults who have experienced sexual abuse; information about their counselling service, training, and awareness-raising programme. Also includes links to relevant resources.
One In Four
An organisation run for and by people who have experienced sexual abuse. Includes forums, information on activities, membership and workshops. [Lewisham, London]
Open Secret
An independent community-based organisation offering support to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and to non abusing parents of children who have been sexually abused. Information about services and contact details. [Falkirk, Central Scotland]
RASAC (Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling)
Operate a telephone counselling service for people who have been subjected to rape, sexual abuse, or sexual violence; also for partners, relatives or friends. Information about their service, and listings of resources. [Winchester, Hampshire]
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