Issues to do with Transport in the UK such as renationalisation of the railways, motorway access tolls, pedestrianisation or "reclaim the streets", clamping and bicycle paths.

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Aviation Environment Federation
Deals with the adverse environmental impacts of aviation, including noise, air quality, climate change and sustainability issues.
British Retail Consortium
BRC's views on transport issues. Position papers on matters such as London congestion charging, the European White Paper on transport and the draft Air Quality Strategy for London. Contact details and links.
Bus Users UK
An independent group representing the interests of passengers; includes membership details, events diary, information about complaining, news, and contacts.
Campaign for Better Transport
Works for transport that improves quality of life and reduces environmental impact. Includes information on their campaigns, background material, local group network, media, and contact details.
Commission for Integrated Transport
Established to provide independent advice to the Government on the implementation of integrated transport policy and to monitor developments in transport and the environment. The White Paper that established the Commission, details of its activities and of the motorists' forum it has established.
Critical Mass
The home of the cycling campaign group; taking to the streets every Friday to promote cycling as a safe and clean alternative to the car.
Environmental Transport Association
A campaign and lobby group that also provides breakdown services for car users. Information on services, issues and activities such as National Car Free Day, which ETA founded.
Guardian Unlimited Special Reports: Transport in Britain
Ongoing coverage about transportation news and issues including analysis, comment and government policies and plans. Includes full coverage on the Potters Bar, Selby, Hatfield and Paddington train crashes.
The House of Commons Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions
Reports of the Committee. Full text of the committee's views and of evidence it has taken on transport issues in its capacity as Parliamentary overseer of the Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions. Details of hard copies available for purchase.
Independent Transport Commission
The ITC is a voluntary organisation, comprised of professionals and academics that conducts research on economic, social and environmental aspects of travel, transport and transport policy in the United Kingdom.
The Lochaber Transport Forum
Information on transport services and issues in this area of Scotland, including a forum.
National Alliance Against Tolls
Campaign by road users against tolls, congestion charging and road pricing. Information about current proposals and schemes, together with campaign information.
Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety
PACTS is a registered charity and an associate Parliamentary Group. Its objective is "to promote transport safety legislation to protect human life". Its aim is to advise and inform members of the House of Commons and of the House of Lords on air, rail and road safety issues. This site contains the latest transport safety news and updates on key policy issues.
Pedestrians Association
National charity, promoting and protecting the rights of people on foot.
Simon Wolff Charitable Foundation
Commissions research on the health and environmental effects of road building. It campaigns on the issues uncovered by that research. It awards prizes for science education and original thinking.
SoCoMMs Home Page
The South Coast Corridor Multi-Modal Study website. This site details the findings of a study looking into all types of transport within the region, documenting the study's conclusions and transport strategy for the future.
Transport Issues - University of Nottingham
Produced by the School of Civil Engineering at Nottingham University with students in mind, this website looks at a range of key UK transport issues.
Transportation Planning Partnership
Manchester based consultancy providing network and development planning, scheme appraisal, and regeneration studies.
Trolleycoaches for London
Promoting the reintroduction of trolleybuses to the capital, this site explains the potential benefits of this particular type of transport.
Walk to School
Promoting Walk to School week, a celebration of how walking to school can reduce air pollution and help save the planet.
Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions: Report on Government 10yr Transport Plan
The Committee's Report, published 21st May 2002, on the Government's 10-year Transport plan. (May 28, 2002)
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