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Amnesty International UK
A human rights organisation: profile and history, details of current campaigns, list of regional offices, online library, education section and volunteer information.
Amnesty International USA - United Kingdom Human Rights
News, reports and success stories for the country including AI Annual Report entries for the past ten years.
Amos Trust
Human rights organisation with the aim of making people aware of the root causes of injustice.
BBC World Service: I have a right to...
Human rights case studies from around the world: freedom and equality; live and be safe; nationality, representation and education; work and have a family; justice before the law; think, believe and express myself.
Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK)
For free speech and privacy, against child pornography.
Equality and Diversity Forum
A national network of equality and human rights organisations bringing together a wide range of equality and human rights information and resources provided by EDF and other organisations.
Guardian - Special Report: Freedom of Information
Ongoing coverage of news and analysis about freedom of information acts in both the UK and the U.S., plus links to speeches, organisations, public polls, official government reports and legislation.
Guardian - Special Report: Human Rights in the UK
Ongoing coverage includes information about the Human Rights Act plus archives of news, comment and analysis about relevant issues and topics.
Guardian - Special Report: Privacy on the Internet
Ongoing news, comment and analysis focusing on internet issues worldwide and in Britain in particular, including the RIP Act. Includes links to pressure groups, research and government sites.
Guardian -Special Report: Free Speech on the Net
Ongoing coverage about internet freedom in the UK and around the world. News, comment and analysis with links to relevant organisations and government sites.
The Human Rights Act 1998
Full text of the Act which incorporates the European Convention on Human Rights into English law.
Human Rights Watch for Northern Ireland
Aims to promote and agree a democratic Charter for all the people of Northern Ireland, ensuring whatever their class, creed or political opinion, they enjoy equal human rights and fundamental freedoms.
Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation
Provides advice, advocacy, referral and support to women and men in the Arabic, Kurdish and Farsi languages in the UK.
UK based human rights campaigns organisation - includes links to important Human Rights documents.
Legal Action Group
Charitable organisation campaigning for equal access to justice for all members of society. Information about a range of human rights issues.
A human rights and civil liberties organisation. Campaigns, research, publications, membership and advice to members of the public and their advocates.
Site to promote civil liberties and provide information in pursuit of this objective. A watch on any attempts by governments to reduce or interfere with civil liberties and freedoms.
Ministry of Justice: Human Rights Reports
Includes reports to the United Nations.
No Borders Network
A camp for activists campaigning for freedom of movement and an end to migration controls, to protest plans to build a new detention centre at Gatwick. Information about programme and downloadable resources.
An overview of Civil Liberties legislation
A perspective on UK civil liberties, expressed as a time line with links to source documents.
Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC)
Scottish group campaigning for repeal of Britain's anti-terrorism laws, and offering solidarity to people affected by them. Information on current civil liberties issues and campaigns.
US State Department - 2008 Human Rights Report: United Kingdom
2008 report on the current status of human rights practices including human freedoms, civil liberties, political rights, international investigations, discrimination, worker rights, child labor and working conditions.

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