This category was originally created to list websites when there was the possibility of the UK changing the currency to the Euro instead of the Pound £ Sterling [GBP].
Although many of these websites no longer exist, this category includes any websites with historical information on these times, and arguments for and against the UK joining the Euro.
The major political parties abandonned promoting the adoption of the Euro, but this category could still contain websites about the use and validity of the Euro in the UK, and for UK travellers abroad.
The results of the referendum on 23rd June 2016, prompted the exit of the UK from the EU.  Websites about this are listed in the  Brexit category. 
However, the majority in Gibraltar, Northern Ireland and Scotland was in favour of remaining in the EU.  This has lead to speculation that these will leave the UK, and remain or rejoin the EU as independent states.
One of the conditions of this exit, is likely to be adoption of the Euro.  This category therefore includes websites about the pros and cons of adopting the Euro for Gibraltar, Northern Ireland and Scotland, and how this will affect the UK as a whole.

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BBC News - In Depth: The UK Euro Question
Presents the latest news and analysis about the euro debate plus background and history. Includes the case for each side, the five tests, how the euro is doing and the coming referendum.
BBC News - Referendum Street
Discussion of the issues surrounding the entry of the UK into the Euro.
Euro Know
An anti-euro site, focusing on the potential problems for Britain.
Guardian Unlimited Politics Special Report - Britain and the Euro
Ongoing coverage includes news, comment and analysis about the euro plus background and historical material including yes and no campaigns, the five tests, and preparing for a referendum.
Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign
Left-wing arguments against the Euro.
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