Any issue which concerns the ecological and human environment - this covers everything from local transport pollution to the destruction of the ozone layer.

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Friends of the Earth
Campaigns on biodiversity, climate change, gm food, pollution, transport and waste. Includes details of local pollution sources in your neighbourhood.
Action For Renewables
Giving voice to those who support wind power. Myths and facts, photographs and support action.
Biodiversity 100
A campaign to compile a list of 100 tasks for world governments to undertake to tackle the biodiversity crisis.
CHAIN - Cheshire Anti Incinerators Network
Voluntary organisation opposed to incinerators being built in Cheshire. News, resources, strategies.
Country Guardian
National campaign to oppose windfarms in Britain's landscapes and promote energy conservation, advocating cuts in consumption. Objective assessment of efficiency of wind turbines.
Electric Vehicles UK
Campaigning for improved facilities and cheaper electric cars in Britain. Features news and campaign information.
Details on a variety of environmental issues and their status in the UK.
Freshford Resists Development in the Green Belt
Argues against a planning application for dwellings in Freshford Mill Bath and North East Somerset.
GAIN: Guildford Anti-Incinerator Network
News, gallery and press releases for this organisation campaigning against incinerators in Guildford, Surrey.
Global Commons Institute
An independent organisation campaigning on climate change. Promotes a "Contraction and Convergence" solution. Includes a global warming model(Excel spreadsheet or Java applet) recent papers and book reviews as well as contact information.
Greenpeace UK
UK branch of international environmental activist network.
Greenspace Scotland
Provides information and resources on greenspace within and around urban settlements in Scotland.
Living Streets
A campaign of the Pedestrians' Association. Aiming to make every village, town and city more pedestrian friendly. Manifesto, contacts, and livability survey.
Marion Shoard
Writer, broadcaster, speaker and lecturer, campaigning on better access to the countryside, rural land ownership and older people's issues.
Noise Abatement Society
NAS promotes ways to combat antisocial noise. The Society's annual John Connell Awards recognise local initiatives to address noise complaints.
Rural England Versus Overhead Line Transmission. The organisation presses for a co-ordinated UK energy distribution policy.
Roots of Blood
Campaign against the Woodland Trust's wildlife and conservation policies.
Surfers Against Sewage
Campaign group with a mission to rid the coastline of sewage.
Trailblazers: Rights of Way
The National Federation of Bridleway Associations and the South Pennine Pack Horse Trails Trust are organisations that promote equestrian access, protect rights of way and ancient lanes, campaign for access to open country, and maintains a list of open and closed bridleways and current issues regarding access in the UK.
Provides information on the numbers and locations of wind power proposals in the North East of England and South East Scotland. Includes information on groups campaigning against the proposals.
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