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Ballad of '84
Lyric for Dick Gaughan's song written at the end of the strike for the Lothian Victimised Miners.
The Battle of Orgreave
A description of Jeremy Deller's filmed re-enactment of the event for Channel 4.
The Great Miners' Strike, 1984-85
History and analysis of the Miners' strike, the problems in tactics and strategy, and an argument as to how the strike could have been won by the Miners.
The Great Strike
An account of the strike, from the National Union of Mineworkers' history section.
Justice for Mineworkers
Campaigns to keep the issue alive of the sacked and victimised miners from the 1984/85 miners strike; includes a history of the strike, and account of the women's support movement, chronology, listing of pit closures, and newsletters.
Labour Struggles
Accounts of the Penrhyn Quarry Strikes, the General Strike, and the Miners' Strikes of 1972, 1974, and 1984 in Wales. [The National Library of Wales]
The Miners' Strike
The story of the 1984/5 miners' strike, told using audio and images from BBC News archives.
The Miners' Strike 1984
BBC News in-depth section, reviewing the impact of the miners's strike 20 years later.
Queen Coal - Women Of The Miners Strike
A review of Triona Holden's book about the impact of the strike on women, and their participation as activists.
Strike 84
A collection of photos taken during the strike in 1984-5, by Martin Shakeshaft
TUC History Online
Brief overview of the strike in the context of British Trade Union history. Includes links to photos.
UK Miners' Strike (1984–1985)
Wikipedia article on the strike, with hyperlinks to other resources.
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