Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister 1979-90, Conservative. Born: 13 October 1925 in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

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BBC History - Margaret Thatcher
Full coverage of the former Prime Minister, including archived broadcasts and her life in pictures.
BBC News - Baroness Thatcher 1925-2013
Collected coverage of the former Prime Minister's life and career including news stories, features, analysis, pictures, audio and video.
BBC News - Politics 97: General Election 3 May 1979
Report on the watershed 1979 election. Includes streaming audio of speeches by Margaret Thatcher and Jim Callaghan.
BBC News: Evaluating Thatcher's Legacy
Voices from across the political spectrum weigh up Margaret Thatcher's legacy.
BBC News: First 100 days: Margaret Thatcher
Looking back on the first 100 days of Margaret Thatcher's reign as Conservative leader.
BBC News: The Thatcher Years in Statistics
The Thatcher era of 1979-90 was a time of great social and economic change in Britain. Use this guide to explore what happened during her 11 years in power.
BrainyQuote - Margaret Thatcher
Collection of quotes from the former British Prime Minister.
The Economist - Margaret Thatcher
Collected news, analysis and commentary on the former Prime Minister, focusing on international politics and business.
The Financial Times - Margaret Thatcher
Obituary with links to related articles.
The Guardian - Margaret Thatcher
Collected news, analysis and comment on the former British Prime Minister.
The - Margaret Thatcher
Collected coverage on the former British Prime Minister.
InfoBritain: Margaret Thatcher
Biographic article with photos, including one of the shop where she was born and spent her early life.
Margaret Thatcher Foundation
Offers free access to the full texts of thousands of historical documents relating to the Thatcher period.
The New York Times - Margaret Thatcher
Collection of recent and archived news and commentary, photos, multimedia and selected web resources.
PBS Frontline: Interview with Margaret Thatcher
An interview on the PBS talk show on the prosecution and outcome of the 1991 Persian Gulf War.
Salute to President Reagan - Modern History Sourcebook
Text of Thatcher's speech at the 1994 Gala for Reagan.
The Wall Street Journal - Margaret Thatcher
Profile includes news articles, biography and photos.
BBC: Margaret Thatcher hailed Ted Heath as 'Great PM'
Article by Shaun Ley on archives reveling that, contrary to public opinion, she held her predecessor leader of the Conservative party in high esteem, proud to have been a member of his government. Introduction radio programme, Archive on 4, with related links. (July 09, 2016)
How Many People Did Thatcher Kill?
Thatcher and the ethics of the free market in Europe, in the light of recent evidence of its killing power. (November 04, 1998)
CNN: Interview with Margaret Thatcher
Transcript of Bernard Shaw's 1997 interview with Lady Thatcher discussing Hong Kong and Western relations with China. (June 30, 1997)
On Principle: Margaret Thatcher and the Rebirth of Conservatism
Article by Stephen Davies on Thatcher's role in the historical ideological divide, in the journal of the John M. Ashbrook Centre for Public Affairs. (June 01, 1993) - Christianity and Wealth
Highlights from Margaret Thatcher's controversial speech on the pursuit of a Christian economic policy. (May 21, 1988)
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