Harold Macmillan, British Prime Minister 1957-63, Conservative. Born: 10 February 1894 in London. Died: 29 December 1986 at Chelwood Gate, Sussex.
BBC History: Harold Macmillan
Biography with links to articles on related historic figures and events.
BBC On This Day: Harold Macmillan dies
News of the former Prime Minister's death on December 29, 1986; includes video footage.
BBC On This Day: Macmillan becomes Prime Minister
News of Macmillans's appointment on January 10, 1957, with timeline and background information.
BBC On This Day: Macmillan speaks of 'wind of change' in Africa
Report of Macmillan's controversial speech on February 3, 1960, with timeline and background information.
Gresham College: Leadership and Change: Prime Ministers in the Post-War World - Macmillan
Lecture by Richard Thorpe with response by David Faber. Full text, audio and video files.
The Guardian: Harold Macmillan - Unflappable master of the middle way
Obituary by Vernon Bogdanor, with many biographical details.
InfoBritain: Harold Macmillan
Biographical article.
Telegraph: Supermac: the Life of Harold Macmillan by D R Thorpe
Harold Macmillan could not cope with the Sixties, says Simon Heffer as he analyses D R Thorpe's new biography, Supermac. (September 24, 2010)
The Independent: Harold Macmillan, By Charles Williams
Kenneth Morgan's review of the biography. (July 17, 2009)
Remembering Harold Macmillan
George Wedd reviews Charles Williams's biography. Originally published in the Contemporary Review. (January 30, 1987)
Time: Britain: A Leader for the Last Days of Empire, Harold Macmillan: 1894-1986
A look at Macmillan's life after his death. (January 02, 1987)
Time: Shake-Up
How Macmillan reorganized his cabinet and earned the name 'Mac the Knife' in 1962. (July 20, 1962)
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