William Ewart Gladstone, British Prime Minister 1868-74, 1880-85, 1886 and 1892-94, Liberal. Born: 29 December 1809 in Rodney Street, Liverpool. Died: 19 May 1898 at Hawarden Castle, Flint.

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"To a Rejected Sonnet"
A sonnet by Gladstone.
The Election of 1885 and Home Rule for Ireland
A discussion of the events shown in letters of the time.
Encyclopaedia of Marxism: Gladstone
A Marxist view of Gladstone's achievements.
Gladstone in Cornell University's 'Making of America'
An archive of letters and books by or about Gladstone; most viewable in facsimile or downloadable as (OCR) text. N.B. also click Next as most are on the next page.
History of Home Rule for Ireland
Gladstone and the fight for Home Rule.
InfoBritain: William Gladstone
Biographical article with photos of places important in his life.
Letter to a disgruntled tax-payer
Sent three days after his first Budget Speech, which was "one of the most wonderful passages of persuasive reasoning in the records of Parliament", but had failed to persuade this taxpayer why he should pay £2 1s. 8d. per annum extra.
Politicians and Their Reading
Lord Jenkins, author of a recent Gladstone biography, on the reading habits of William Ewart Gladstone.
Portraits of William Ewart Gladstone, Prime Minister
Index to 99 portraits and photographs of Gladstone at the National Portrait Gallery. Gladstone was a trustee of the Gallery.
The Victorian Web: William Ewart Gladstone
A biography, chronology and article on Gladstone's rescue work with 'fallen women', together with recommended reading.
William Gladstone
A political history of Gladstone, with quotes, bibliography, a drawing of the young Gladstone, and a later cartoon by Tenniel.
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