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Aspects of the Victorian book
Detail-rich site that provides insight into the production and publishing of books in Britain during the nineteenth century.
The British Way: Imperialism
Explores how the British nation acquired and governed an empire greater in size than any in history and how the Victorians adapted to the idea of imperialism.
Child Labour in the 19th Century
Categories include: Factory Reformers, Supporters of Child Labour, Life in the Factory, The Factory Workers, Tactics and Issues, and The Factory Acts
Georgian Index
A survey of British and European culture in the early 19th century including: George IV, Princess Charlotte, The Crown Jewels of France and England, Napoleon's Carriage, the evolution of boxing, the tea table, period card games, the evolution of the thoroughbred, period fly-fishing, a growing selection of London addresses.
John Leech Archive
Archive of Punch cartoons by John Leech 1841-1860, indexed by keywords, title and year.
The Peel Web
Sir Robert Peel dominated parliament throughout the period 1830-50. Marjie Bloy covers many social, political and economic issues of the period.
The Peterloo Massacre
A detailed analysis of the events of St Peter's Field, Manchester on the 16th August, 1819. Eyewitness accounts and biographical details of 25 people who saw what happened that day.
Smugglers' Britain
British smuggling in the 18th and 19th centuries. Directions to smugglers' pubs, coves, caves and tunnels, together with the full, indexed text of a book on smuggling.
Soldiers of the Queen
An online museum of Victorian-era British military photographs from the far corners of the empire.
True Tales of War, Adventure and Exploration
Stories of British adventurers and explorers.
Victoria Research Web
Provides research resources for the study of all aspects of Victorian Britain.
Victorian Life
Examines the plight of the working class and the poor under Victorianism.
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