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Atlantic Whale Foundation
Information on projects that support the preservation of whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Includes details of volunteer opportunities, educational courses, research and scholarships, a photograph gallery, and links to related sites.
The Battle for Lyminge Forest
Opposition to the Rank Organisation's plans to build a holiday town for over 4,000 people in Lyminge Forest's West Wood in Kent. What is said to be wrong with the idea and what the organisation is doing about it
Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)
National charity dedicated to the protection of rural England - protecting local countryside where there is threat, enhancing it where there is opportunity.
Christian Ecology Link
Organisation for Christians concerned about care of the environment. Includes CEL's Millennium Certificate, current events information, resources and prayer guide.
The Committee For The Paddock
Group working to protect an area of wild countryside known as The Paddock from becoming swallowed up by development. Information about the area, and the funding needed to purchase and conserve it.
Earth First! Action Reports
A network of ecological direct action groups; information about events and actions, publications, and links to related organisations and campaigns.
Earth Rights
Provides legal advice and assistance to environmental campaigners. Public interest law firm and environmental charity.
Ecological direct action and wilderness defence, provided by a pro-activism ISP.
Environmental Law Foundation (ELF)
This London based charity is a network of lawyers specialising in environmental matters and giving free advice. Purpose, achievements, advice and referral service, publications, links, news.
Ethical Consumer
Tips on ethical buying, consumer reports on a range of goods, information on UK and worldwide boycotts. Publishes Ethical Consumer magazine and the Corporate Critic database.
European Cetacean Bycatch Campaign
Campaign to stop the deaths of dolphins, porpoises and whales due to entanglement in fishing nets and lines.
The Forest of Dreams
An ecological charity that aims to purchase areas of land to return to the wild. Includes details of its objectives, fundraising, patrons, trustees and management.
Matches people who have things they want to get rid of with people who can use them, keeping usable items out of landfills. Local group search, explanation and etiquette.
Friends of the Earth UK
National campaigns on the most urgent environmental and social issues of the day.
Friends of the Peak District
An independent voice arguing for protection of the Peak District countryside. Information about the organisation and its campaigns.
Living Witness Project
Exploring and promoting awareness of the need for a green lifestyle. Includes background information, news, events, resources, and contacts.
National Energy Foundation (UK)
A UK charity providing free advice on energy efficiency and renewable energy in the home and, through the Energy Efficiency Accreditation Scheme, also working with larger organisations.
Population Matters
Organisation carrying out research into optimum population size in relation to environmental sustainability, particularly in the UK. Information about their activities and research.
Rare Breeds Survival Trust
Supports over 70 rare breeds of sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, horses, ponies and poultry - some of which are rarer than the Giant Panda. Includes approved conservation centres, stock exchange, accredited butchers,discussion group and membership information.
Rising Tide UK
Information on the UK climate movement, subscription details for the newsletter, materials and resources, critiques of carbon trading and a directory of climate "skeptics".
Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts
Charity dedicated to the protection of nature offers information about species and habitats, articles and news items, an events directory, volunteer opportunities, and details of campaigns and appeals.
Seeds for Change
Provides training and support to grassroots groups involved in environmental and social justice issues. Aims to share campaigning skills and experience. Describes training offered and provides pamphlets such as "Organizing Successful Meetings" as well as contact details.
Stop Climate Chaos
A coalition of environment and development groups, faith groups, humanitarian organisations, women’s groups, and trade unions campaigning to stop climate chaos. Information about events, activities, news, and volunteer opportunities.
A charity dedicated to sustainable transport. Instrumental in creating the National Cycle Network. Information on the organisation, projects, maps, and membership details.
Vegan Organic Network
Concerned with ethical cultivation and social justice. Advice on chemical and manure free farming, forest gardens and compost toilets.
The Women's Environmental Network
WEN campaigns on issues that link women, health and the environment. Campaigns promote positive alternatives to polluting practices and consumer items. Information on environmental health, food and genetic engineering.
Worthing says NO to TETRA
Run by Worthing residents protesting against the installation of Tetra police communications by O2 Airwave on grounds of health risk, cost and technical capacity.
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