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Anarchist Federation Scotland
Class struggle anarchists fighting for libertarian communism. Listing aims and information, resistance, organisation and meeting details.
BBC Desert Island Discs: Dame Elish Angiolini
Kirsty Young interviews former Lord Advocate of Scotland Dame Elish Angiolini.
Centre for Scottish Public Policy
Offers profile, unit policies, projects, news and media with contact information.
Common Weal
Movement with a vision for economic and social development which is different from political orthodoxy and focuses on wealth shared in common.
Guardian Politics Special Reports: Scotland
Full coverage includes news, comment and analysis about politics in Scotland plus web resources of government, political party and media sites.
Holyrood Magazine
Online publications, including Holyrood magazine, political updates, information about conferences, the political guide and the Holyrood directory.
Oil Of Scotland
Political campaign showing destination of local oil revenues; includes statistics, reports and news.
Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Resources and contact information for the 'ban the bomb' movement in Scotland.
Scottish Republican Socialist Movement
Promotes activities, campaigns and events in the area of a socialist nature; includes calendar, news, gallery, and contacts.
Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) Archive
Offers related archives, general information, and news.
Sign for Scotland Blog
A pro-independence blog which supports Yes Scotland and promoting the use of British Sign Language in Scotland.
The Skakagrall
An independent weblog for the Scottish National Party (SNP), Scotland and Europe, covering political, economic, and social affairs, the environment, the arts, and tourism. Based in Edinburgh.
BBC: Ruth Davidson Outlines Her Support for Theresa May in the Contest to Succeed David Cameron
Statement and video of the Scottish Conservative leader's opinions on selection of the next UK Prime Minster, following the England's majority to Leave the EU against the will of Scotland's majority to remain. Include links to related news (July 08, 2016)
BBC: Nicola Sturgeon Seeks Guarantees on Rights of EU Nationals
News report of the First Minister' visit to Brussels to initiate discussions on the referendum results in which other UK nations opposed Scotland;s will to remain in the EU. Includes links to related news articles. (July 03, 2016)
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