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Black and White Cat Club
Breed club specialising in the black and white colours of British Shorthairs and the Longhaired or Persians cats. Show, news and the story of Duke.
Bucks, Oxon and Berks Cat Society
Cat club providing shows within the named counties for all breeds. Provides breeder listings.
Cambridgeshire Cat Club
Best in show, club history, how to join, meetings, stud list and kitten register.
Cat Breeds Recognised by the GCCF
List of breeds categorised as Persian, Foreign, Semi Longhair, Burmese, British, Siamese, and Oriental. Includes some photographs. Analysis of breed popularity.
Cat World
E-zine. Contains breed problems, ask the experts, show news, book reviews, chat, and editorials.
Cats in Charge
From the feline point of view. Articles, stories, competitions, listings of cat clubs and breeders.
Breed profiles, feline facts, health and nutrition, bringing your new kitten home and cat forum.
Essex Cat Club
Club holding annual championship show with a household pet section, kitten list and club stall, contact details.
Independent Feline Alliance
Organisation for cat owners interested in showing their pedigree or non-pedigree cats.
International Cat Care
Charity devoted to the health and welfare of cats. Contains convention dates, joining details and information sheets plus approved catteries with members comments.
The London Cat Club
Promotes the welfare and love of cats of all breeds, including household pets. Shows, photographs and news.
Merseyside Cat Club
Shows, kitten list, welfare, news, officers and committee.
Midland Counties Cat Club
Open to all breeds. History, picture gallery, kitten and rescue list, plus details of their own show and schedules of other shows.
Information on health, welfare, and organisations with products and artwork for sale.
Novice Breeders Advice Cat Club
Club developed from a Yahoo group. Offers social occasions, seminars and advice.
Ocicat Club UK
Gives history and information on Ocicats including colour descriptions and standards, shows and workshops, breeders listings.
Our Cats Online
The official GCCF journal. Provides information on UK Cat Shows including dates and venues. There is also a section specific for subscribers to the journal.
The Red, Cream and Tortoiseshell Cat Society
Colour specific club for British Shorthair and Persian breeders. Show and registry information, health and cat fancy information.
South Ribble Pet Cat Club
Located near Preston and focused on the non-pedigreed cat. Information about its annual shows, charities, meetings, and events.
TICA in the UK
Information about The International Cat Association. Show information and listings, show procedures, title explanations, rules.
Turkish Van Cat Club UK
Offers information about the breed, shows, news, pictures, tips and stories.
Wyvern Cat Club
Promotes the welfare of all cats, and fosters good practice in the breeding of pedigree cats. Exhibits both pedigrees and household pets. Includes cats and kittens in need.
Your Cat Magazine
Web presence of a monthly publication, covering health and behaviour issues, general care advice, breed information, and other practical issues. Contains subscription details, and the option to order back issues.
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