A repeater takes a received signal and re-transmits it on a different frequency known as the "offset" frequency. Amateur radio enthusiasts use repeaters to establish contact over a larger distance than would normally be possible, especially when operating mobile from a car or with a low power handheld radio. Repeaters are positioned on strategic sites chosen for their height, giving a "line of sight" view to the area that they cover and thereby allowing low power devices to communicate through them. For this reason in cities repeaters are often situated on the roof of high-rise buildings, and in rural locations on hilltops. Amateur repeaters are run out of a dedication to the hobby and not for any commercial gain. They generally use donated equipment and rely on financial donations to cover overheads such as rent. This category contains sites that are specific to particular repeaters in the United Kingdom and generally will contain details about their construction, operating frequencies and coverage area.
Bristol 70cms Repeater Group
Features technical overview, coverage map and photographs.
Farnham VHF Group (GB3FN, GB3FM, GB3FX)
Technical details and a coverage map for these 3 stations.
Fenland Repeaters (GB3FR, GB3SO)
History, news and technical details.
Frys Hill Repeater Group (GB3FH and GB3FI)
Located on the Mendip Hills, at Frys Hill near Cheddar in Somerset. Coverage, user guide and contacts.
GB3CM UHF 70cm Amateur Radio Repeater
GB3CM UHF 70cm Repeater and Echolink Node. Site has technical details and a forum.
70cm band repeaters in Oxfordshire with coverage maps.
GB3EN Amateur Television Repeater
Technical details, photographs and a coverage map.
GB3IG (Stornoway)
Technical specifications and coverage map.
GB3NB Repeater, Norfolk
Committee members, news and technical details.
GB3OH Repeater
Based in Boness, Scotland. Construction details and location/frequency information.
Hucknall Rolls-Royce Amateur Radio Club
Location details and technical information.
Isle of Man Repeater Group
Technical information and pictures of GB3GD and GB3IM.
Leicestershire Repeater Group
Technical details, access information and committee members.
The Repeater Management Committee
Subsidiary of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB). Contains details, information and maps of the repeater networks.
Scottish Borders Repeater Group
Details of three repeaters. Includes meeting schedule, membership application and contact information.
South Dorset Repeater Group
Both voice and packet covered with technical information.
South Lakes Repeater Group (GB3LD)
Membership details and technical information.
Tees Valley Repeater Group (GB7TV and MB7IMR)
Map of the proposed coverage, committee members and contacts.
UK Repeaters
Featuring information on UK amateur radio repeaters.
Worthing Video
10Ghz Television repeater with technical details.
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