Jon Ronson
Official site of the writer and documentary film maker whose books include Them: Adventures with Extremists. Includes video clips, news, projects and links. [RealPlayer]
Guardian Unlimited - Stars in Their Eyes
Jon Ronson followed the original Big Brother crew for nine months after their eviction and the show's finale to find out if their 15 minutes of fame were really worth it.
Guardian Unlimited Books - Beset by Lizards
Includes extract from Jon Ronson's Them: Adventures With Extremists about following David Icke, whose fans turn out to be mostly concerned with the perils of global capitalism. How "we" can turn into the villains, the hidden hand - "them".
Guardian Unlimited Books - Stranger than Fiction
Louis Theroux reviews Jon Ronson's Them: Adventures with Extremists. The book was written after spending several years in the company of a few of these fringe-dwellers, in an attempt to understand their mindset and to see to what - if any - extent their fears were founded in fact.
Guardian Unlimited Books - Who Pulls the Strings?
Includes extract from Them: Adventures With Extremists by Jon Ronson, about tracking down the Bilderberg Group with Big Jim Tucker of Washington DC.
Observer Review - Them by Jon Ronson
Reviewer Jason Cowley asks if Jon really cares about these extremists from all over the world: Omar Mohammed, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, Dr Ian Paisley, David Icke, the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, or the Weavers.
Salon - Jon Ronson
Joanna Smith Rakoff interviews the author of "Them: Adventures With Extremists" who discusses his time with Osama's London cohort, close calls with neo-Nazis, and the undeniable humanity of the world's would-be monsters.
Wikipedia - Jon Ronson
Encyclopaedia entry offers biography and bibliography of books written.
NPR Fresh Air - British Journalist and Documentarian Jon Ronson
US National Public Radio audio, discussing his research for his book "Them: Adventures with Extremists". (February 21, 2002)
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